I have Your Idea

August 24, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

I know. Wild huh? While you were sleeping I was listening to you mumble and took your $1,000,000 idea. I hope you are not mad at me;) Look at that smiley face, how could you stay upset?

I had a great idea recently. Someone else did it and guess what? I am moving on. I lagged. I had other priorities. I was thinking of doing it another way.

So many times we are bitter, jealous and other words of disappointment. What does that get us? Not much.

Ideas are really easy and execution is priceless. Feel free to throw in your own cliche in the comments. I think it goes to the question if you aren’t doing that idea what is your most important priority…What is it?

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17 responses to “I have Your Idea

  1. Izzy Neis Reply

    Post-it notes.

    Bastards stole my idea and made a killing.


    But seriously– I worry about this daily. I write books for tweens in my spare time. Every time I finish a first rough draft, some publishing company releases a book with very similar themes… UGGGH!

    I mark that story down for a “send this to publishers in ten years with that other book dies it’s library shelf death, muhohahahaha.”

    I hate getting beat to the punch.

  2. Chuck Westbrook Reply

    “There is nothing new under the sun.”

    It’s not about being original (well, sometimes it is), but it’s about being novel or mixing things up in a new way.

    Don’t be discouraged when your idea gets taken unless you were going to execute on it. If you were going to execute on it, why let competition stop you?

  3. joshua strebel Reply

    Who says you have to quit the idea.. If anything you can take the things the guy you launched before you did, watch his audiences reactions, see his mistakes and successes, reincorporate them into your idea, and leapfrog him with your launch.

    Plenty or room in a space for a better competitor.

  4. Karen Hartline Reply

    Why let someone else have the monopoly on an idea? Unless you have an alter ego that released the idea, it’s probably not EXACTLY the same. joshua has a point of learning from someone else’s mistakes and moving forward with your own idea. Make it better, do it bigger, stamp your name on it! It’s your idea!!!

    Don’t let the competition discourage you…let it drive you! Don’t back down!!!

    And quit listening to me while I’m sleeping. That’s creepy!

  5. Joel Mueller Reply

    I would like to start a company that begins locally and TAKES OUT the real estate people. Meaning, the 6% agencies charge to sell your house. Totally unnecessary. It would take about 2-years time to make sure you have every listing available in the normal market on your site, and build up traffic, but it would rule to knock those guys out.

    The site would take about 5-days to build the basics before it would go live. Then little by little, improve.

    I’ve already started in with rental properties, and there was huge demand from landlords and college students. Advertisers were also interested because of the student target audience. But moving it into house sales would be a lot of fun and really simple.

  6. Boris Reply

    So, we clearly see that there are people who are stronger on the idea front, and others who are stronger on the execution front. There are those who have a good balance of both, but they aren’t common.

    So here’s what has to happen: A club/site/forum where thinkers and executers come together to make sweet startup lovin.

    I bet there are tons of engineers that are itchin to get started on the ground floor with something cool, but lack the ingenuity and guidance to run a business. Vice Versa, there are lots of folks who can burp the idea alphabet and tell people what to do. Why not slap ’em together?!

  7. Money Blue Book Reply

    I’d say…go ahead with the idea and improve on it. Later comers don’t have the first mover advantage but they get the second mover advantage – the ability to see the flaws and mistakes the first mover made. Just look at Google…it came after Yahoo, Lycos, and the others…but it still ultimately improved the product and is now dominating the search engine market.


  8. Zia Reply

    Absolutely – if you’ve got an idea that you believe in, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Cause someone else will do the same thing, won’t take no, and you’ll have missed out a huge opportunity.

  9. Gradiva Couzin Reply

    The best thing to do with an idea is to give it away! See the orphaned ideas blog. I won’t link to it so you won’t think I’m spamming – you can find it on Google. Always looking for contributors!

    Gradiva Couzin