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The Resume App on Facebook lets you import your LinkedIn resume and recommendations to your Facebook resume. For the non-LinkedIn crowd, it also lets you upload your resume in Word format and converts it to html. It’s basically a way to make Facebook a better business social network.


The app only has 1000 users. Network effects make this exponentially more useful with more users. However, it’s starting to get attention from the press. 2 reporters contacted me for their stories about professionals starting to use Facebook over LinkedIn for their business networking. (Nevermind that resumes are dead.)

Questions for you:

1) How do we make this app more viral?

2) Is privacy a concern?

When viewing resumes by network, you can’t actually view the resume unless you add the person as a friend. Should we make all resumes transparent to anyone? Or should we let the user decide on the privacy level? (ie – Only let my friends see my resume; OR let my networks and friends see my resume; OR let anyone see my resume)

3) Should we have a point system?

You’d get points for posting your resume, writing recommendations, or inviting friends. Points let you view more resumes.

Any thoughts, feedback, ideas, suggestions, criticism? Thank you Noah for lending me your blog, and giving me initial feedback when the app launched a couple weeks ago. This post was written by Joe Suh of

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4 responses to “Business Networking Sites: LinkedIn on Facebook – Grouporation

  1. Jen Reply

    I do think privacy is a bit of a concern, especially since standard resume format generally includes address and telephone numbers. An option to decide who can see your resume sounds like a good idea.

    I think it would be useful if you could search for other resumes by certain categories such as location or industry – useful for employers, too.

    By the way, I do use the Resume app since I’m back in the job market – I’d love to see it flourish!

  2. Steven Loi Reply

    1 – Viral
    The app needs to provide more value, perhaps user activity, and reason that makes users better off to use this rather than keeping their professional stat sheet (LinkedIn) and their social stat sheet (Facebook) separate. You can improve on the look and feel as well.

    2 – Privacy concerns
    For the LinkedIn resume and recommendations, they should have privacy settings similar to LinkedIn. For users that upload individual resumes, probably is best recommend them not to put phone or e-mail on their resume. Instead, make the Facebook message inbox more prominent. I think mimicking Facebook’s privacy setting on for this app is too strict. If you can set it so that it’s not network dependent, it would be better.

    3 – Point system
    In the point system may be a neat way, but it should have a better system equation than that. The point system should perhaps tell how qualified the person is. That’s a neat brainstorming session in itself.

  3. engtech Reply

    The point system is a wasted idea — it won’t go viral in the same way that Zombies or something stupid like that would. Don’t make it hard for people to use your tool.

    Privacy is going to be the biggest issue. Facebook doesn’t have good privacy designations for groups. Everyone is either Stranger, Network, or Friends. It doesn’t differentiate between business contact, drinking buddy, and that girl from the bar that one time.

    Switching privacy must be easy and understandable since what typically happens is that people have two contexts:

    – I’m looking for work, I want *anyone* to read my resume
    – I’m not looking for work, keep my resume private from headhunters and identity stealers

    Get some write-ups about your app on the job hunter sites. It’s going to be slow going, not a huge viral push.

    You might even consider buying ads for your app on job boards for sites like TechCrunch and 37Signals.

  4. Gary Reply

    I’m not sure I understand the premise – if the tool is designed to allow one to post a resume on Facebook, great, but why drag linkedin into it? Couldn’t one simply reference their linkedin profile in their Facebook profile or as a link on their resume? What is the benefit of it? Not trying to be a wet blanket, just looking for the killer app aspect of it that will make people tell other people “you gotta get this thing,” and I’m just not feeling it.

    Of course you’d have to make the resume where you could control who sees it. But a resume that only your friends could see would seem to be of limited use. Your immediate social network probably already knows if you’re actively looking around.

    Don’t understand the points system at all, frankly. People need points to view resumes? I thought you wanted people, at least certain people, to see your resume

    I know Noah is a Facebook alumn, and I’m not hating on them, but the network concept they have seems kind of all-or-nothing. For example I could join the network for my hometown, but then EVERYONE where I live can see my profile, so I’m obliged to keep my profile so bland that it doesn’t really matter if everyone on the internets can see my profile anyways.

    The 2 reporters who are writing stories about professionals starting to use FB instead of linkedin must be under 25. I’m – a good bit older than that, and while I created a FB profile so as to see what it’s all about I feel like the creepy older guy at the rock concert while visiting that site. I got into linkedin and found that a lot of people I work with are already there. Their structure, while it’s not perfect either, seems much better suited for business networking, and seems welcoming to college students and graduates who are looking to network with other business people.

    Well, gotta run. My palm is flashing red and there are some guys in blue jumpsuits at my door…