What's your biggest Asset?

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your biggest asset

What is it?

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22 responses to “What's your biggest Asset?

  1. Noah Kagan Reply

    Strange. I thought this post would get a few comments. I think it’s not clear on what I am saying. I was thinking about my time this morning.

    That is something we all control and extremely valuable to us but we neglect.

    Maybe a better question I can revise is where is your biggest time sink or waste….

  2. Karen Hartline Reply

    Biggest time sink/waste…this blog!

    It kinda blows my mind to think about time that I waste. On the other hand, I experienced major burn out in my early twenties because I didn’t want to miss out on anything and did all there was to do. There definitely has to be a balance between the two.

    So how do you justify ‘down’ time so it’s not ‘wasted’ time? Think of it this way…if you’re doing something that will enable you to do other things better (taking a nap will enable you to party like a rock star…), then it’s not wasted; it’s Banked Time!

    Another asset we all possess, is extremely valuable, yet most neglect=Passion (open for intrepretation) 😉

  3. Karen Hartline Reply

    Drats–Tony beat me to the ‘passion’ answer by one minute.

    Noah–that pic was for your eyes only. Can you remove it from this post? Thanks!

  4. Chuck Reply

    I agree with Karen. I’ll need you to remove the picture. I’d have never have sent it to her if I thought she’d pass it on to you for these purposes.

    I tend to struggle with being stressed about time. For my, my greatest asset is the realization that I don’t have to be frantic to be accomplished.

    Without that thought, I tend to burn out.

  5. Brian Breslin Reply

    my most valued commodity is my time. i value it way more than money. as time is fleeting, money i am confident i can make plenty of. I’m in it for the long haul, so right now its about no losing time which is irreplaceable.

    so my 2 most valued assets are my time and my knowledge/intuition.

  6. Brad Reply

    Knowing people have fath in me,freinds,Family.People I work with,Piece of mind is a good thing(This is a on going thing for any one) What is anyones asset, Its diffrent for everyone, Just make shure your assets let you be glad your alive. P.S. nice picture.

  7. joshua strebel Reply

    “What you think about is what you bring about.” That methodolgy of thinking has brought me great success and insight into the operations of those around me.

    I focus exclusivly on what I want, that is my ace in the hole.

  8. Christie Reply

    I am going to have to ditto Paul that my Network is my biggest asset.

    Biggest waste of time? Deleting emails from things I have once subscribed to, but am to lazy to go back and un-subscribe.

  9. BRAD Reply

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  10. mozomo Reply

    I can’t imagine what life would be to enjoy or get thru life for all those years without friends! I thank God for the same it’s truly a Solid Asset 🙂