Fight for Your Right to Skip the Line

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GoMobo Announces National Launch of Online and Text-Message Ordering Service – written by Noah N. Glass

We fought for our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We fought for our right to party. Now it’s time to fight for our right to skip the line for coffee and food!

GoMobo is the free VIP service that lets you order and pay ahead online or by text message and skip the line at busy restaurants and coffee shops. If you’re still waiting in line at your favorite restaurants, get out of line and join the GoMobo Revolution.

GoMobo beta launched in New York City in Spring 2006 and quickly became a press sensation, appearing in the Wall Street Journal, “Good Morning America“, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, and “ABC World News with Charles Gibson.” Of course, OKDork wrote about us months before the national press did.

We heard from tens of thousands of customers from all over the country that they wanted to skip the line at their favorite restaurants. Now, after months of refining the system and preparing for scale, GoMobo is announcing its national launch. We want your help!

What Can I Do?

1. Stop by
2. Create your free account and plug in your address to find GoMobo restaurants near you
3. If you don’t find your favorite lunch or coffee shops listed, we’ve made it easy to spread the word by printing the one-page “I WANT GOMOBO” Manifesto and dropping it off the next time you’re at your favorite places

Restaurants can join the GoMobo Network within 24 hours and you can start skipping the line like a VIP. Oh, and we’ll hook you up with $25 of free food credit in your account for every restaurant you refer that signs up. Pretty sweet, no?

If you’d rather earn cash than free food, you can become a GoMobo sales rep and make $125 cash per restaurant you sign (see: or email Evan at for more details).

It’s time to take to the streets and demand better, faster service at busy restaurants and coffee shops. Join the GoMobo Revolution at and fight for your right to skip the line!

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3 responses to “Fight for Your Right to Skip the Line

  1. Noah N. Glass Reply

    Nope. No extra equipment needed.

    Now all the restaurant needs is a fax machine or, depending on the point-of-sale (POS) software they use, GoMobo can even plug directly into their POS. These are additional channels from GoMobo’s original PC-based system.

    We’ve found that nearly every restaurant has a fax machine and extending our system to fax has removed any objection over startup cost and greatly reduced the time it takes for a new restaurant to go live at

    Customers can order online, by text, or through the mobile web at and we transmit the order to the restaurant and kick back the order ready-time to the customer via email or text. The customer experience is identical, whether the restaurant is on the fax, PC, or POS version of GoMobo.