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Are you building a Facebook app just like everyone else? Are you curious what other platforms to build on? Do you like making things? Do you like winning $10,000?

If any of the above interests you then you should come to my next thing: Community Next Platforms

Who should come and why?

* If you are building, curious or just want to be educated on the Facebook platform, Meebo, Google Maps and upcoming platforms you should come.
* If you like fun then you should come.
* If you are dying to know if people are making money and what are ways to fund and monetize these applications.
* If you want to win $10,000 in our 1 day code off where the person who’s app has the most users will win $10,000.

Register TODAY for a 15% discount. Only today. This event is 95.32% likely to sell out.

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4 responses to “Community Next Platforms…

  1. Karen Hartline Reply

    Dilema…biggest college football game of the year is on October 6. Not sure I can miss seeing it to make it to the event. It will take a lot to convince me to make it out to CA and miss the game. =( Maybe Noah would tivo it for me…