Shameless Plugs

August 8, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

Ramit & Ian’s new book Recruit or Die came out today.

Go buy 1,000 copies each and be careful not to die;)

Wen, Jay and friend’s Spock is now open for the public.

Feel free to plug anything else you want in the comments.

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18 responses to “Shameless Plugs

  1. JW Reply

    Hey Noah,
    I’m reading “Call to Action” right now. It’s a really good book about landing page optimization and general web design tips.

    You should check it out. I think you’ll like it.

  2. Wont reveal the name Reply

    As much as I am happy for Ramit in getting a book out, sometimes I am baffled as well. What real experience does he have to write stuff like this? Has he ever worked within a human resource department in a large corporate setting?

    If I speak to 1000 people on “building plasma tv’s”, does it mean I am now qualified to write a book about it.

    While I enjoy reading parts of his blog over the years, I sometimes think california is full of these types of people. They dont really get ‘real’ jobs, but portray themselves to be experts in several fields.

    Sorry for the harsh remarks, but truth sometimes is a bitter pill to swallow.

  3. Frank Reply

    hooray for ramit’s new book :oD

    i visited spock and my initial reaction was the link was broken and i ended up on one of those domain-squatter pages where some company bought a domain to resell to someone else who might want it. i dunno why, something about the design and random-looking search text. i also don’t know what the heck the site is about. given i didn’t try very hard, but well.. you know how the internet works…

    and now i plug my own site, also open to criticism heheh… still in development :oP

  4. Ramit Sethi Reply

    Noah, thanks for the post!

    Won’t reveal the name, why don’t you pick up the book to check it out? If you don’t think it’s useful, you can always return it. But I think you will. I also worked with two co-authors, and Chris Resto (the lead author) founded and runs MIT’s largest internship program that connects students and employers.

  5. Karen Hartline Reply

    Just name dropped this blog with the Director or Communications at my work. He had heard of it, but hadn’t checked it out. He likes me and my crazy ideas…so I’m sure he’s reading this response right now. **HI SCOTT!**

    I’m interested in checking this book out to see if there’s anything good we can use to recruit fraternity and sorority students to work for us, raise full financial support (translation–budget/salary) and not get paid very much to start off. The joys of working for a non-profit/ministry. **Sidenote–I LOVE my job, so it’s worth it!** Greek students are attracted to higher salary jobs (who isn’t?) so we have to be creative in our recruiting. Our latest strategy is to fly Juniors we’re considering as staff candidates to Orlando during our Greek Staff meetings at a resort. It may be working as we have 15 new staff this year.

    Nothing to plug shamelessly, other than a book I’m reading that’s interesting, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Intriguing!

    The burrito theme comment has made me hungry…off to lunch!

  6. Karen Hartline Reply

    Darn you, Anand! Something else to distract me during the day. (I’ve already signed up and posted once on Good stuff!)

  7. Vera Devera Reply launched this week: a site providing chefs, organizers, performers and foodies with a dynamic webspace for interaction, networking, promotion and sharing.

    I’ve been involved with Ghetto Gourmet for a few years now and it’s founder Jeremy Townsend created Curious Fork/ Furious Cork to continue the spirit of fine dining and creativity.

  8. Sean Tario Reply

    Any entrepreneur interested in seeing a Data Center first hand, where most companies provide managed hosting services out of, can contact me personally for a tour of 200 Paul, in South San Fran, a 425,000 square foot facility where over 85% of NorCal’s internet traffic clears through.

    If you happen to be in Los Angeles Wednesday or Thursday next week, we also have a new 3,000 square foot facility coming online within a 50,000 square foot Data Center downtown LA.

    Either way, you can hit me at or 408-482-9953.

    Thanks Noah. I miss you 🙁

  9. Steve Reply

    Noah, love your site!

    FeedbackFarm is a free online research marketing tool whose mission to is provide the easiest way to gather customer, market or employee feedback.

    If you are a current user of surveymonkey or zoomerang, check it out! We are currently in beta and are giving 3 months of premium account access to all students and nonprofits who register (anyone with a .org email address.)