No Response Needed (NRN)

July 25, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

Can we start a trend please?

Are you sick of emails that say “thanks” or “sounds great” and other pointless ones that you really didn’t need to read?

Let’s join together and advocate for NRN. NO RESPONSE NEEDED. Include this at the end of your emails and let people know they don’t need to say thanks or other useless phrases.

Bottom Line: NRN for this post. Just do it;)

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39 responses to “No Response Needed (NRN)

  1. AdamD Reply

    I actually like receiving those short replies. It lets me know my message was received and that the whole Internet machine is working. Plus, those are the easiest ones to receive because I can delete them without much thought.

  2. tbrooks Reply

    I’m in complete agreement with you Noah. If I need a response, the last line of my email (or my subject header) will say, “Please confirm.”

    Otherwise, there are a lot of useless emails floating around. My whole office has adopted the idea of NRN and it has worked fabulously.

  3. Tino Reply

    This should be combined with answers/complete mails in the subject line.

    Subject: Re: Something that was important [Thanks/nT]

    Subject: Meeting for Tuesday 2007-7-25 canceled [nT]

    And when the mail has a body, add such a bottom line as mentioned by Noah.

    Also confirmations are sometimes a good thing. The “automatic mail delivered response” (what was the name for that .. hm) could be used, but this has some flaws …

    Work out a good list of words/functions (international) and make Mozilla/Apple/MS build it in there tools 😉

  4. Brian Tannebaum Reply

    Add to that the people who get upset when you don’t respond to:

    1. Happy Birthday e-mails;
    2. e-mails containing news articles;
    3. Invitations you are not interested in accepting.

    To all of you, thanks, sounds good, move on.

  5. Bull3t Reply

    Hmm, this is the only post that does not seem to have the Share button (which you have recently installed) and this is the one I wish to share, why is that?

  6. Noah Kagan Reply

    This kind of reminds me of comments when should you still leave one if its just “great post.” Frankly, I like it. You can always look at my old comments make me orgasm and really anything you say I will appreciate it=)

    I guess I am easy to please…

    The share button is a new beta feature that I am helping out some friends with. I will get it on the main post shortly, have to play with the CSS a bit to make it work. Any thoughts?

  7. Bull3t Reply

    Yeah I like the feature, but I presonally prefer Gregarious and it’s “Share This” feature. I am not so keen on the icon that is used for either Gregarious or your one though, hehe, not sure why.

  8. JW Reply

    Unrelated to this post, but just wanted to mention a SEO tip to you.

    You should download and use the Permalink Redirect WordPress plugin (you can Google it)

    Long story short, it will fix the canonical problems on your blog. Right now, and point to the same page, as does and .

    The plugin will fix this by doing a 301 redirect from to


  9. Noah Kagan Reply

    I love it Johns, will install tonight. What about the meta tags? For some reason my meta description stuff is all whack. Do a google search for some of my things and you’ll see. Any recommendations?

  10. Bull3t Reply

    Pffft, don’t talk to be about Meta Tags and WordPress, they just don’t like each other – I have been trying to get search engines to read proper meta tag descriptions, keywords, etc. on my blog for ages, but the search engine just doesn’t seem to want to know.

  11. Jonathan Reply

    i use these a lot at work with my boss. except it’s more like, unless i hear otherwise, this is how i will proceed…

    i find it very efficient.

  12. JW Reply

    The best plugin for generating meta descriptions is

    It will automatically take the first few lines of your blogpost and set it as the description. Alternatively, you COULD use All-In-One SEO pack and set all your descriptions manually, but it’s really not worth the trouble.

    As for meta keyword tags, they don’t even really matter anymore for SEO because it’s easy to abuse.

  13. Nick Bakewell Reply

    I particularly hate the emails from company support departments that say “You question has been received. Please allow for 48 answers for a representative to get back to you.” or something along those lines. Always makes me think that they were really quick and answered my question in a matter of minutes >:o

  14. vanae Reply

    to me, these useless responses are a confirmation that he/she received my email. so i like that. i’d like it even better if these responses would evolve more into …’btw, my ex called me and asked if i slept with another girl’ or ‘ what do you think i should have for dinner?’ or perhaps ‘thanks. i think you’re fantastic. let’s have strawberry shortcake ice cream from haagendaz’

  15. Johnross Reply

    LOL!!!! Just remove the REPLY ALL button on emails for me please… I laughed so hard in my little cube bro. Hilarious!

  16. zach Reply

    I agree, let’s get rid of those — but what bugs me far more than the unnecessary emails? The same thing, but in text messages! Do you REALLY need to send me that text message that says “Cool” after i say “i’ll meet you there”??

  17. AndyP Reply

    Ironic a post re: “cut back on useless email” would lead to a dialogue for “fixing” instances of “” so they always have those EXTREMELY IMPORTANT 3 letters… WWW.

    ( JW at 5:32 pm )

    My god, we must keep the WWW on our URLs, eh? Go the other direction! Lose ’em!

    Last time i checked, i don’t have any sites hosted on my intranet, so it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that i tell my browser it should begin its search on the World Wide Web. (Note: if it looks on my intranet and doesn’t find it, it will look outside the house anyways.)

    Why don’t we INSTEAD start auto-trunkating the @#$%j WWW from all websites, so the 95% of society who never knew what it stood for in the first place can chill out and stop saying, stop writing, and stop typing these EXTREMELY IMPORTANT 3 letters.

    We should adopt a new practice: Shred the WWW. If you type it, i will make it disappear. really is enough — really. as well.

    PS – I’m hereby adding “Shred the WWW” to my salutations.

  18. Damon Billian Reply

    I would rather see the dreaded “reply-to-all” used with a little more constraint.

    There’s a natural tendency in human behavior to be responsive as a courtesy. If someone doesn’t respond, they might think that you didn’t receive their email, didn’t read it, etc.

  19. Mike B. Reply

    “Last time i checked, i don’t have any sites hosted on my intranet, so it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that i tell my browser it should begin its search on the World Wide Web.”

    Correct me if I am wrong here, but the domain level importance is listed in REVERSE. For instance, the highest domain is COM, followed by OKDORK, followed by WWW. So your browser wouldn’t look on the intranet for OKDORK because it has already been narrowed to the .COM tree?