The Student ID Dilemma…

July 24, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

We are really challenged every day with ethical decisions that reflect who we are. Okay, that was way too deep for this site. I just wanted to reflect on a small one that I faced last night.

How many people that read Okdork go to the movies?

How many of you went to college?

Okay, I would say that a fair amount of you do both. I went to see Ratatouille last night and had an interesting experience. Movie tickets are freaking expensive at $10.50 a ticket and I was thinking I should use my student ID to save that HUGE $2 bucks.

Then my conscience and a tiny Ankur Luthra sat on my shoulder saying what is the ethical thing to do. Argh, shit. I want my savings though. NO. Fine, I will do the right thing and try to stick to my goal of being ethical this year.

So what to do? I told the lady I graduated a few years ago but at least I went to school and a discount would be a nice treat. And guess what…Rejected…Kidding. She gave it to me, I got the best of both worlds. You never know unless you ask.

In the great words of Stewie, “Victory is Mine.”