I Hitch Hiked Today

July 19, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

Insane huh? What a trip! My car stopped working right after I got off the freeway. But Noah this is not your personal blog, we don’t care about your suffering, we just want juicy business advice/tips. Fine. Have it your way?

What did I learn from a nice guy named Brian M who drove me to work today?

You have to ASK

I put my thumb out and walked along the side of the street. Everyone went on their merry way, thinking about what they had to do today, what’s for lunch, what they are doing this weekend, etc…

What this shows me is that no one cares about you. That’s okay. Users aren’t dying/waiting for you. So what do you have to do?

Get in there Fing face. I stopped in the middle of the road and made people notice me. I made them realize I need a ride, I am not “that” sketchy and I am just in need of help.

Luckily, I got Brian’s attention and he was super nice to drop me off at work today. Now I just have to figure out how I am going to get my car fixed…

Moral of the story:

1) You never know unless you ask
2) People don’t notice you, your site, your business…make them
3) Persistence pays off.

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24 responses to “I Hitch Hiked Today

  1. veronica Reply

    OMG! that is truly scary…we’re alll glad that you made it there in one piece and that Brian is a nice guy

    though, i’ve done it once before too..to get to school……creeeeeepy old man. hahh

  2. Mike Sabat Reply

    Hey Noah –

    Congratulations on hitch hiking. I’ve wanted to do it, but never have.

    You forgot the risk vs. reward factor. It’s a bit risky to get in a stranger’s car (start a project) but the reward is worth it. You could still be walking to work if you didn’t take the risk. You can also work 40 years at an fulfilling job you hate if you’re not willing to take a risk.

  3. Will Reply

    So what did you learn from Brian?

    BTW, the tumbnail of that pic almost looks like you, flip flops, fro and all. But you are MUCH better looking 😉


  4. Marianne Reply

    Were you wearing your “Think I’m Hot?” shirt?

    Sucks your car broke down, glad you got a ride safely to work and Brian M is awesome to do that.

    When I was in college, students would give rides to other students leaving campus so they can take their parking space. It was a nice give-and-take situation, but I only did it once. It was just too creepy for me.

  5. Deron Reply

    Good story and great analogy and reference to getting noticed in this competitive world. But, how would this post have turned out if you Brian was a serial rapist preying on hitchhiking males? lol

  6. Noah Kagan Reply


    I could only dream my day would start that well:)

    I actually think I am hanging out with Brian tomorrow night. It’s hella awkward to ask him for his phone # in a non-threatening/strange way.

  7. Deron Reply

    lol. I bet it was awkward. I’m not sure I would have given my number to a hitchhiker not matter how ‘normal’ he seemed. lol. Maybe I’m a little over paranoid? I would have at least given you a fake number, lol.

  8. John Clark Reply


    Great Lessons.

    That’s why I think tools like MyBlogLog which is where I found your site are important. You need to join the community for people to find you as well.

    By joining the community you help yourself and the person who you join.

    Plus that’s how you get into someone else’s face and you never know how you may help that person at the same time.

    Here’s to your Success,

    John Clark

  9. Izzy Neis Reply

    Hitchhiker is one step up from professional train occupant (aka Hobo). But ya gotta do what you gotta do in that occasion.

    Hitchhikers in chicagoland are scary. We picked up some hitchhikers in Scotland– they rocked. They were backpackers and in exchange for a ride, they played us music. Very cool.

    Glad a good samaritan got you and not some creep.

    I think there is something to be said for good samaritans in biz too… now the blog-readers all know that this mysterious Brian is a nice guy and kinda cool. Word of mouth happy campaign. Nice.

  10. Robert Franklin Reply

    I also thought the picture was of you as well and was wondering how you were able to take it, now that would have been marketing to get the driver to get out of their car and take your picture. Even better would be that as they are taking your picture you take off in their car. You would not want to do that with an iPhone.

  11. Cap Reply

    wow… the opinions on hitchhiking is rather surprising. if you apply common sense, getting a ride or giving one shouldn’t be too much of an issue (as in, when and where to do it).

    or maybe I’m just naive. heh.

  12. Jonathan Reply

    I was always brought up to avoid hitch hikers; according to my parents, they’re all very very sketchy. ALL of them!

    Those are some good takeaways.

  13. Nick Bakewell Reply

    I hitchhiked once, but it was in Williamsburg with a little old (but very nice) grandma…

    As for the moral of the story, very true. You’ll never know unless you try.

  14. PIaras Reply

    I can just imagine the conversation in that car;

    BRIAN M-“So Noah, what do you do…?”
    NOAH K -“You ever hear of Eight Minute Abs?”
    BRIAN M- “Yikes!!!”

  15. morgay Reply

    Sorry about what happened. Car problem can happen anytime sometimes when you least expected it. It happened to me before, my mechanic had checked it. It turned out that I have a bad volvo fuel pump and starter. I had to rent a car for a while.. *sighs*

  16. Karen Hartline Reply

    As I was reading through the comments, I was wondering what happened with Brian M. Now I wonder if there’s a ‘second’ date. Noah–update?

    Great points to the story. There’s a piece of my job that I absolutely detest, yet still have to do (fundraising). I’ve managed to avoid it for over a year, and yes, I still have a job. Crap…now I’m getting fired up to do it again. Damn you, Noah!

    Closing note–where I’m from, there are signs on the highway near the prisons that say, “Warning Hitchhikers May Be Escaped Inmates.” I’ll have to take a picture next time I’m home.