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July 10, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

When I was in Denver for Techstars I got to meet a few young entrepreneurs. One of the teams I took a liking to was It is a system for conference attendees to meet ahead of time. Something I know there is a huge demand for. I said if they could make the changes I suggested by July 1st I would use their system.

Guess what? They did.

Why am I writing about them. Because Rob, one of the founders did something awesome tonight.

He thought it was a good idea to talk to some of the people using the system for feedback. I told him to email me names by Sunday and I will introduce them to him so he can chat.

Rob sent me the 4 people he wanted to chat with AND….he included email text that I could use to contact those people. He made my life simple, saved me time and showed me he’s thinking ahead. How bad ass is that!

PS. CommunityNext: Viral is this week. 9 procrastinator tickets left. Speakers include: Jonathan Abrams (Socializr & Friendster), Joe Greenstein (Flixster), Leah Culver, Jason Feffer and many more!

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8 responses to “Make it easy

  1. Andrew Warner Reply

    ohhhhh. Now there’s an idea that I need to emulate.

    I’m often asking people for connections. I bet they spend a lot of time thinking, “how do I introduce Andrew? I don’t even know what he does for work. How can I explain what he needs to this friend he wants to meet?”

    This is a great idea.

  2. Rob Johnson Reply

    Noah – thanks for the plug 🙂

    Brian — I’d love to meet up at Community Next. Send me a message through EventVue 🙂 or email me at rob [the usual]

    Community Next is going to rock — See you all there!

  3. Rob Johnson Reply

    @Victoria —

    We’re pretty excited to see people using EventVue. We think we’re only at a pretty minimal level of functionality right now and look forward to seeing how people use the stuff we’ll be adding in the future.

    So….you ain’t seen nothin’ yet 🙂

  4. Will Reply

    it is nice when someone makes life easier for you! Hey, BTW, I will not be able to make it out there this weekend, we are touch and go with the pregnancy. I promise I will make it to the next one and will even buy you and Odwalla (on me this time).