What are you doing here?

July 3, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

Stop reading and get back to work. I realized yesterday while reading blogs and wasting a bit of time, what is really contributing to my bottom line.

Bottom line: Evaluate the things you spend time on during your day and where/what you really get value out of.

This has been a non-sponsored message by the time wasters at Sketchfu.com, draw it…FOO!

Bonus Productivity Tip: Don’t bring your power adapter home at night. I have been doing this lately and it limits my time to work and helps me focus on the essentials. Tim would call it Parkinson’s law.

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16 responses to “What are you doing here?

  1. Charles Hudson Reply

    My experience has always been that if you don’t carefully manage your time, you will waste it. This is especially true if you work in an interrupt-driven kind of job (basically anything in technology).

    The best analogy I can think of is the financial planner who tells you to stop buying that mocha at Starbucks every day — it saves you $70-80 per month and you hardly miss it. Saving anything (time, money, energy) often comes by making small behavioral changes.

  2. Noah Kagan Reply


    Luckily Mint.com can show you how much you spend and ways to save. Love the plugging?

    It’s hard to manage time and I am not sure if everyone is like me with massive ADD where I get distracted quite easily. I am trying to to spend more time focusing on 1 at a time.

  3. atish Reply

    Do you really want me to answer that question on a public message board?

    Bottom line: Evaluate the things you spend time on during your day and where/what you really get value out of.

    I hope this conversation on work time is worth it.

  4. Michael Reply

    Haha nice short and sweet post … I will admit to following one other piece of Ferriss advice: Limit the time/place that you do these time-expanding activities, i.e., so only check blogs once a day at 7 p.m. rather than every 20 minutes while avoiding real work 🙂

  5. JW Reply

    hey noah, great tip about the power adaptor thing. last month i started working a real day job, and i have crazy ADD at work.

    every 5 minutes, i’ll switch between doing real work and: reading blogs, checking adsense, checking email, diving into aim, etc.

    when i really want to strap down and get work done, i’ve found that if i unplug my mouse from my laptop, im less inclined to switch between random tasks simply b/c using a touchpad is a b*tch compared to a real mouse.

  6. dave mcclure Reply

    actually it turns out that i’m not really a very productive person, and as a matter of fact i get a lot more done by reading your blog and stealing all your good ideas, rather than trying to do any of my own original thinking.

    so if i evaluate as you suggest: i realize i should work less, read/plagiarize more.

    and thus, here i am 🙂

    (ps – i think we should start calling Atish “AtFish”, and then we can use all sorts of creative symbols to mock him online…. @ish, @fish, @fishing, etc)

  7. Atish Mehta Reply

    Wow in my days, I’ve been given a lot of nicknames (including !tish). But I’ve never heard AtFish/@Fishing – well done.

    Kagan, if you’re gonna go that far, why not @$$?

  8. Karen Hartline Reply

    Another late post, but I’ve just been exposed to the virus known as okdork.com. Making an appointment with the doctor to get that taken of…

    I started leaving my power adapter at work, which limited the work I was doing once I got home. Great suggestion. However, just this week, I caved and asked I.S. for a second adapter…so now I can leave one at home, but only in order to read through okdork.com.

    What the hell have I done?