Mike Moritz of Sequoia, Techstars and Ali G

June 22, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

This past week has been quite fun. I was in Denver hanging with Devin, Josh Spear and spoke to the Techstars about marketing, community and product development. Thanks to David Cohen and Matt G for getting me out there. A growing start up community is happening out in Boulder and I am looking forward to some cool things. Brief blurb from David about me there. Note: It is surprisingly positive about me;)

I got to attend the SD Forum visionary awards. This was an amazing event with great people there: Mike Moritz who funded eBay, YouTube, Paypal, Google and most of the big name startups; Walt Mossberg the influential WSJ reporter; Trip Hawkins who founded Electronic Arts; Craig McCaw who helped make Nextel and sold McCaw Communications to AT&T for 12 BILLION dollars.

Sometimes I get anti-social but it was a great event that Aaron of Box.net fame was too kind to bring me to. One of the more memorable things was going into Heidi Rosen’s Casbah room. Also, I got a chance to talk with Mike Moritz who I had no idea was from Wales, has a great accent and even knows who Ali G is. One other cool thing I confirmed was that anytime an employee from Sequoia Capital is late for a meeting with an entrepreneur, even a minute, they have to pay $100 to charity.

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12 responses to “Mike Moritz of Sequoia, Techstars and Ali G

  1. Rik Reply

    Mogul in the making! Good work man. Probably these oldtimers are asking each other ‘who is that Noah chap that keeps popping up everywhere we go?’

  2. Rachel Reply

    ummm….I believe that you were hanging out with Devin, Josh Spear, the Techstars, AND RACHEL.
    you better watch it or I’ll uninstall those applications…

  3. DK Reply

    Mike Moritz is Welsh – brilliant – next time you meet let me know and I’ll give you some stuff to say to him 🙂



  4. Will Reply

    You never cease to amaze me. Who do you not know or have not met, the president?
    When are you coming to the DC area, I can take you out for a burrito at a local joint called Anitas, good eats!


  5. Piaras M Reply

    NIce networking Noah,

    Did you know that Mike Moritz wrote the first book about the origins of Apple Computers back in 1984? Its called The Little Kingdom and it looks like a really good read.

    The best blurb that I have heard about his style is from the English Guardian which says;

    “Michael Moritz has a few simple rules for investing in internet start-ups: look for people who are pursuing their own ideas for doing something better; prefer youth to maturity; ignore business plans looking a few years ahead; and avoid anyone wearing Armani T-shirts, loafers with no socks or who uses words like ‘synergy’, ‘no-brainer’ or ‘slam-dunk’.”

    That cracks me up!! Here is that article in full;