Mike Moritz of Sequoia, Techstars and Ali G

June 22, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

This past week has been quite fun. I was in Denver hanging with Devin, Josh Spear and spoke to the Techstars about marketing, community and product development. Thanks to David Cohen and Matt G for getting me out there. A growing start up community is happening out in Boulder and I am looking forward to some cool things. Brief blurb from David about me there. Note: It is surprisingly positive about me;)

I got to attend the SD Forum visionary awards. This was an amazing event with great people there: Mike Moritz who funded eBay, YouTube, Paypal, Google and most of the big name startups; Walt Mossberg the influential WSJ reporter; Trip Hawkins who founded Electronic Arts; Craig McCaw who helped make Nextel and sold McCaw Communications to AT&T for 12 BILLION dollars.

Sometimes I get anti-social but it was a great event that Aaron of Box.net fame was too kind to bring me to. One of the more memorable things was going into Heidi Rosen’s Casbah room. Also, I got a chance to talk with Mike Moritz who I had no idea was from Wales, has a great accent and even knows who Ali G is. One other cool thing I confirmed was that anytime an employee from Sequoia Capital is late for a meeting with an entrepreneur, even a minute, they have to pay $100 to charity.