Are you not crying?

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When I was younger and on the baseball team I always cried when we lost. Now, when I play tennis I nearly cry every time I lose, which is almost daily;)

But Noah aren’t you 25? You pathetic sad boy, one may say.

I look at it differently. I care more about it than others. Not just the win but always wanting to be the best. I won’t deny that I may be rude or a “poor sport” but I am there to not lose.

Are you crying if?

  • Your startup fails.
  • A site you use daily is no longer available.
  • You lose in tennis.
  • Your favorite burrito store closes

How much do you care?

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19 responses to “Are you not crying?

  1. Noah Kagan Reply

    2 Quick things

    1- I really wanted to use the quote “There’s no crying in baseball. I didn’t get the chance so I use it here

    2- If anyone needs a hug, I am here for you:)

    3- Martin, hug!

  2. Piaras M Reply

    I did not cry for years and years. Then I had a kid and now I cry all the time.

    I think that having a child opened up a whole emotional part of me that had been locked away for a long time. As a kid I was always prone to a bit of dewy eye syndrome but coming from Belfast that type of softee behavior can get you a serious beating so I must have supressed those emotions.

    Now they are back and very welcome. Come on, who does not cry while watching the Lion King? Anyone?

  3. Robert Franklin Reply


    Hate to get all sentimental but can’t agree with you more. No matter how many times you hear your life will never be the same before you have a child it just can’t prepare you for the awesomeness of having a kid.

    After having watched the Lion King over 50 times (no exaggeration) I still tear up! However, Babe is the all time champ with over 75 views. Frame for Frame Babe is not only an excellent movie but there is not a wasted moment in it. However, I digress!

  4. Wendy Reply

    I cry all the time now because I feel like if I don’t let it out (whether it be crying, punching something, whatever), then it’ll be worse bottled up inside. Noah has been a good friend here and there when I’ve been down; he gives good hugs!

  5. Atish Reply

    But on a serious note – I don’t think crying is a reflection of how much you care. This will sound harsh, but I see it as living in the past, or the inability to move on.

  6. Izzy Neis Reply

    Jake McKee has that great quote on his site: “Raise Hell or get the Hell Out.” –totally accurate.

    If you don’t care, then what the heck are you doing? What a waste of life not to care about the elements within it.

    I work with youth in a branded community– evangelists galore. They care heaps about their entertainment, and they are still impressionable and sincere. It is my job to ensure that they stay safe, happy, and protected– I take that very seriously.

    I may have… once… been asked to “tone done” my “facial expressions” during a slightly aggrevating marketing meeting as they might have been deemed “aggressive” by the people I disagreed with.

    I call those facial expressions a “passionate representations of the fact I enjoy my job and take it hella seriously.”

    But you know… tomatoes, to-mat-oes. lol.

  7. Izzy Neis Reply

    As for crying? I weep at the drop of a hat when it comes to sentimental things– Extreme Make Over: Home Edition (yes, I know… I’m lame) or at the end of Monsters Inc when he misses Boo, and opens that door, and all you see is his face light up….. oh, I could just sob thinking about it…

  8. Rik Reply

    Noah, are you seeing a shrink? Get over it dude, men don’t cry. We cringe in silence. When no one sees it. And we blame it on Jack Daniels if someone does see. Stay away from Jungle Book and other sentimental brouhaha.

    But seriously, the times that I’ve felt the onset of crying (after 12 y/o etc.), it was because of the feeling of powerlessness (is that a word?) some situations put upon us. There’s no dealing with it, so you cry. When losing at tennis, see above statement. Thanks.

  9. Noah Kagan Reply

    Hugs all around.

    Movies I have cried at: Pocahontas, Big Fish, Life as a House and more…

    I think crying is refreshing. It cleanses the body.

    When is the last time I cried? I think at work a few weeks back for no point. I just felt frustrated.

  10. Will Reply

    Having kids definitely gives me many reasons to cry (having 3 gives me even more). I find I cry sometimes out of frustration or joy, but no matter what it is, like you said it is a cleansing exercise.

    Movies I have cried over: Field of Dreams, Cars (yeah I know), Pursuit of Happiness…


  11. Bull3t Reply

    I am crying at the moment, because I noticed that you seem to have nearly 100 000 spam comments blocked by Akismet! Quite frankly: holy shit!

  12. Vera Devera Reply

    At 26 years old, I was playing against a sixty something, heavyset woman. I arrogantly thought, “she can’t run and return my shots!” I was wrong. I didn’t know at the time that older tennis players are smart: first, they’ve got 20+ years of experience playing in matches, and secondly, they know how to fuck with your head! This particular player had me pick up every ball within sight, even in the periphery. Without ball boys, this is time-consuming and not to mention very annoying.

    I’ve learned to play the dreaded old ladies’ game over the last three years and finally got bumped to a 3.5. What the hell?!? That makes me cry…inside.