Community Next Viral, from 0 to 10 million members

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Viral! From Zero to Ten Million Users
A month ago a reader named Adam contacted me to chat. I suggested a romantic walk around Mountain View and he was down. We held hands (not really) and talked about life, love, business and what he was up to. He quit his accounting job (yay!) and was living in the Bay Area not doing much.

I told him there was a strong interest in Marketing and Community Next should do a marketing event. He said, “sweet” and that is how the next Community Next: Viral, from 0 to 10 million members was born.

Andrew Chen suggested focusing on viral and Adam has been putting together the conference nicely.

Why should you go? Learn what to do to make your stuff viral, tips & tricks, optimizing on the Facebook application and meet others to help you grow your web site.

When is it? July 13th (party) and all day the 14th (including great bbq). Schedule here

When should you register? In February we sold out, there are only 80 tickets (smaller atmosphere) and I will give you guys/girls 25% discount (cause I love you) but only for today. Code = noahlovesyou

Are you still reading? Register now

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9 responses to “Community Next Viral, from 0 to 10 million members

  1. Dimitry Reply

    Damn, I’d totally go as this is a very interesting topic for me + it’s time to start networking in the Bay Area 😉

    Too bad I’m poor and in the process of moving, buying a car and an apartment (yuck). Not getting first paycheck till late July too!

    Best of luck though, sounds like a promising event

  2. Noah Kagan Reply

    Anyone who needs special help because it is too expensive please let me know. BBQs are always fun;) Maybe we can do a CN Australia one day.

    I am not setting this up which is the nice part, I love my readers!

  3. Karen Hartline Reply

    Interesting stuff over at Sad I missed out on this conference as it looks like there were some great presentations. Love the ‘live’ feed. Next one’s in October, huh? Quit planning cool things on the West Coast. I propose having one in Madison, WI. Well…maybe Chicago. That would get more people, though Madison’s definitely better! 🙂