Finding Your Focus

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One of the most prominent questions that everybody faces in their lives are: What I am here for? What should I do with my life? Am I doing what matters?

[WARNING: This is a “thinking” post]

This Memorial Day weekend I noticed many people that are were out paying respects to the people that they loved. I was walking through a park with a cemetery next to it so I decided to walk through the cemetery as it had been a long time since I actually walked through one.

When I was very young I remember going to the cemetery with my grandmother to visit the grave of my grandfather and bring flowers. I always went because it was an adventure. One of the thoughts that was on my mind when I was racing around the cemetery and looking at all of the headstones and final resting places for all people, is why are some of the graves are well taken care of, with new flowers, cards and other memorabilia and others are in total decay. As a kid I couldn’t come up with an answer.

Now, the questions popped into my head: what will my grave look like? What impact will I have? Whose life will my life change?

Great, how does this relate to me now?

Thinking how your life and work will impact other people will provide focus in your life. Many people are not sure what do? How to prioritize? What projects to pursue and what to avoid?

So when you are presented with a choice of following that get-rich-quick “opportunity” or the one idea that you had that will truly change the world for some people in a special way, you will know what to choose, your perspective will change from instant reward to creating something more lasting, something that might even outlast you.

There will be times when you’ll have to choose those projects or gigs that will pay the rent or that car payment, it’ll be a conscious decision and you’ll be able to complete them faster and with more enthusiasm because you know there’s something better for you out there, that you’re working on something bigger and more meaningful.

The people that have achieved them say that money and fame is not what matters most in life, what are you working on that will change the world?

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3 responses to “Finding Your Focus

  1. sri Reply

    i ask myself that every freaking day…..
    What is life really? Is heaven a place on earth? Why do 2 year old kids get brutally murdered or raped? Is there god? God sucks at his job.
    He created the universe but did a poor job in upkeeping it. There are kids who dont even have 1 meal per day.

    Welcome to Atheism. You eat, you live and you shit.