Front-Line Employee Humor

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Hi, I’m Devin. Have you ever been to a Sonic? It’s a drive-in rather than a drive-through: clever and fun! One just opened by my house so we went to check it out. As we just started eating an employee came up and asked us…

Him: Can I get you guys any condiments? (he’s carrying a huge tray filled with stuff)
Us: Sure, a little more ketchup… thanks.
Him: Anything else?
Us: Well… what else ya got?
Him: Umm… I have no f’ing idea. Let’s see… honey mustard… I just started yesterday… marinara…
Us: Nah, we’re good. Thanks…

Haha! He has no f’ing idea! That made my day. His honesty and candid answer catered to my experience. I knew the place just opened and I knew there were kinks. What’s this kid’s job? Help me eat my food and enjoy my experience. Check and check.

But what if a BMW dealership told me he had no f’ing idea what kind of engine was under the hood? Would you find that cheeky and humorous? Of course not.

That guy knew his audience…

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8 responses to “Front-Line Employee Humor

  1. Devin Reply

    Well my guess is they’re busy trying to fill positions (every meal has a ‘help wanted’ flyer in it) that it’s hard to train everyone. Not really anyone’s fault.

  2. Brian Breslin Reply

    hmmmm sonic. so good. i wish we had them down here. i think this guy just didnt think too highly of his job as condiment purveyor, and thats more likely the reasoning behind his blurb. either way it woulda made me laugh.

  3. Noah Everett Reply

    I got kicked out of a sonic last week in Tulsa by the police…we were “loitering” and they don’t like crotch rockets, but I love their cream pie shakes mmmmmm.

  4. Devin Reply

    @Brian: Yeah I’m sure he’s not too excited, but at least he wasn’t trying to act all ‘front-line’ with us.

    @Noah: How do you loiter when you’re a customer at a drive-in? That’s lame..

  5. SkyeBlue Reply

    Sonic’s food is really not very good (their fries are TERRIBLE) but the combinations of drink, slushes and ice creams are excellent!

  6. karen Reply

    I’m so late to the game, but had to post. I *heart* sonic and haven’t had it in over 16 months (and counting). I come from the land of Sonic…Oklahoma City…and it is the first place I eat at once I’m back home.

    I know Sonic isn’t the point of the post, but thanks for making my mouth water…Cherry Limeade slushes…coney dogs….strawberry cheesecake shakes…so many calories, but so worth it! 😉