Airport Humor

May 25, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

When I was in Pittsburgh last weekend I noticed some interesting things about the airport:

  • A new trend called “the Jewish upgrade,” asking to be moved to the emergency row. Yes my family did that:)
  • I HATE how they refuse to let me bring my Tom’s toothpaste through security. A new marketing thing for companies could be putting on an “Airport Safe” sticker so you know you can bring it through.
  • When you have airlines that have first class and those passengers board first, everyone else really feels like shit. Why not have a red carpet to the entrance of the air plane? Let everyone feel like royalty.
  • What if they let First Class passengers sit in the back. Why should the people who pay the most have to view the peasants? Or possibly they like showing that they are sitting in the front.
  • If you want to see hope in it’s purest form, drive by the arrival people outside the terminal. They are looking, hoping and waiting for that ride. There faces shine with glee.
  • Someone should really create food packages to go. Now you can’t even get peanuts on planes, when did that happen?

Anything I miss? Have a great memorial weekend.

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15 responses to “Airport Humor

  1. Will Kern Reply

    Those are some funny points! I got a few good giggles. To solve the first class peasant viewing problem, they could let them (first classer’s) board last, that way they do not have to look at the riff raff.


  2. Dimitry Reply

    Ah! You should have told me you were coming to Pittsburgh, we could have met up.

    Then again, I was in Orlando since last Friday. At the airport now coming home, enjoying free internet. Pittsburgh and Orlando are the only two airports that have free WiFi that I know of. So enjoyable!

    Have a good one

  3. Noah Kagan Reply


    Argh! Next time my brother graduates from med school again we will hang. I didn’t even get to eat at Primanti Brothers which I like. How was Orlando?

  4. Brian Breslin Reply

    FtLauderdale has free wifi too. I think the reason first class is up front and they want you to feel like shit as you pass to the peasant class is to make you really consider paying 3x the ticket price to get 5 extra inches of legroom and a free beer.

  5. Sasan Reply

    How about being treated like a 4 year-old when asking the flight attendant for a full can of Coke. “You just finish that cup up and you can let me know when you’re done, and I’ll give you another one” YAY! Haha. I love it, nice list.

  6. Marshall Middle Reply

    Hey Noah, thanks for the shirt. I did receive it. The best airline experience I had was on Midwest – there is no first class and no coach, all the seats are sweet, and they give you freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Have fun in Pittsburg, if you get a chance check out the dueling piano bar on the waterfront at the microbrewery.

  7. Devin Reply

    I love to jew upgrade. Best. Flight back from China. Ever.

    I think first class getting on first makes sense. You avoid the lame stuff like looking for a overhead compartment spot, waiting for people to get to seats, etc. Right?

  8. sri Reply

    ahhh 1st class….what a luxury. Only had one opportunity on an international flight once……from tokyo to LAX. (coz i knew the pilot for that flight)

    Guess what….the cologne bottles in the toilets DO have caps on them:) and they asked “how do u want your eggs done?”

  9. SenorKaffee Reply

    The cheap airlines in Germany like Air Berlin don´t have classes anymore. Everyone is treated the same, gets the same snack and drink, no seat is wasted.

    I had the misfortune to fly Lufthansa again last week and it was a catastrophy. Waiting at the check-in because resources were bound to the first-class counters, having to watch the first-class-passenger get stuff while I´m staying thirsty. Wonderful experience. 😉