Fafarazzi.com: Tell people about Fantasy Celebrity Leagues

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Product: Fafarazzi.com is the celebrity gossip world’s answer to Fantasy Sports.

The game is simple: Join the site and Invite your friends, Create a league and draft your team of celebrities, Score points when celebrities on your team are in the news.

At the very least, you get to talk trash with your friends, make bets about who’s going to win or lose, keep up with the latest celebrity gossip, and let the competitive streak in you out while you’re sitting at your computer.

Problem: We need to continue to spread our brand and get people in leagues. People in leagues typically return to the site every day, which drive our growth and traffic. Our demographic is 80% female (18-44) and 20% male (yes, guys really enjoy the game too).

Question for you: How would you spread this brand? Would you use a widget? Secure a partnership with someone? Create a group on Facebook? We have a unique product here, what can we do that will make some heads turn?

Prize: Best comment will get a free VIP league for them and 12 of their friends…and of course a hug from Noah and the founders.

P.S. – You can see how Noah is doing in the Okdork league we started.

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11 responses to “Fafarazzi.com: Tell people about Fantasy Celebrity Leagues

  1. KR Reply

    definitely widgetizing this would help. if you look at the success of the fantasy football, the players are quite motivated to be recognized. 3 words: paris hilton endorsement.

    have her create a lesbo-jail podcast w/ sponsored by fafarazzi.

    hell, make her ceo, and give her equity.

  2. Cameron Olthuis Reply

    ‘Tell-a-friend’ link where the user gets some kind of incentive every time they get a referral, like points or something.

    Contact all the celeb bloggers and ask them to blog about it. Possibly offer co-branded leagues or give them there own VIP leagues.

  3. Patrick Reply

    It’s a fascinating concept but you’re combining two things from different target audiences. You’ve got the fantasy league model, largely for men. And celebrity gossip, largely for women.

    To get the word out you need to widgetize, but the best thing you can do is begin to provide your own content. Get a few celebrity gossip bloggers and start providing content people will come to read. Don’t make these writings have any affect on the game itself, otherwise you risk accusations of fixing the game.

    A monetary idea is, once your user numbers get up there, begin approaching the gossip rags and offering to up their periodical’s weight in the system for a small fee. Be honest about this with your users, because you will then be advertising for the company.

  4. rishi Reply

    This is kind of a stretch. But no idea is a bad idea… right?

    Behind the scenes revenue sharing with crappy celebs that need more publicity.

    For example Screech in saved by the bell could create his own league, do something outrageous, his page becomes popular and he gets a cut of the ad rev.

    Here is a quick plug for my good friend screech: http://www.getdshirts.com/

  5. Andy Reply

    I also think the widget idea is worth a try. Does anyone know if there are any male vs female stats on widget adoption?

    The widget should be able to display the user’s current rank within her league. Also maybe show who’s in first and last places, or if the league is small enough, everyone’s rankings.) Another option might be to display the user’s roster and her players’ “stats” for the day/week/month/all-time.

    Best of luck!

  6. Mike Macadaan Reply

    target the type of people that start groups, rally people around going to an event or joining a book club. provide some kind of incentive to these people – reward them for their hard work. give them a celebrity makeover which may be in the form of a hair cut or full body wax by noah. or unlock some premium aspect to the service for these people – unlock hidden features that enhance the experience for the rest of the people that join the league.

    make it REALLY easy for people to alert friends about this. when i first saw it, I immediately thought of a handful of friends that would love this but i didn’t see a clear way to alaert them.

    create some urgency. display celebrities that are still available to claim within a public league. unclaimed celebrities: Paris Hilton, Lance Bass, Noah Kagan – claim yours now!

  7. joe d Reply

    an interesting idea but i can’t picture how it would work. there are SO many news mediums – it boggles my mind to think about tracking how often someone is mentioned. sports scores are easily found and indesputable – celebrity mentions are completely arbitrary, especially when you live in the area. (hollyWOOD!) i ran this by one of my friends who writes for 944 magazine here in LA and she agrees…cute idea, but doesn’t make sense.

  8. Fafarazzi.com Reply

    Hey everyone, thank you for all the comments! I really enjoyed reading through them and will try to address of the points you all made:

    1. widgetizing: agreed this needs to be done (and in different ways), and it’s my own fault for not putting the link to the different widgets we already had: http://www.fafarazzi.com/widgets.php

    2. Thanks for pointing out the Tell-a-Friend link was not obvious. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, it’s very obvious in the footer, but that doesn’t help people who want to spread the word right away now does it? 🙂

    3. Celeb bloggers & co-branded / vip leagues. You’re right on point, we’re actually about to release that feature in June!

    4. Monetizing based on selecting certain sources by default for new leagues. Agreed we can make money this way once we’re big.

    5. Rewarding the commissioners, need to do more of that and make everyone be a commissioner (Mike)

    Overall the comments were great. Since I can only pick one winner, I’m going to go with Cameron….and give an honorable mention to Mike!

    Thanks again everyone.

  9. Kellie Reply

    If you want to reach the college age male or female….facebook is the way to go. Create a group and invite tons of people to join. When they join, it shows up on all their friends news feed and so on and so on. Although I am not a big fan, a myspace page might be good too.