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May 21, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

If you’ve been visiting OkDork.com in the past few days then you’ve probably noticed that I have been tweaking the design here and there for Noah. Today I talked to Chris Pearson for a little while and came up with some ideas that would finally “bring the site together” so to speak. It has felt unfinished since we first launched the design in early May and I am finally starting to feel like it’s something I can be happy with.

The layout is wider, the front page looks more like a front page, and the sidebar stands out a little bit more. I am not going to go into all the design decisions here because I don’t think that many of you care. If you do, feel free to check out The Blog Herald tomorrow morning, I’ll be writing about the OkDork design process and going over some of my decisions.

The point of this post is to find out if everyone loves, hates, or only kind of likes the design updates that are sprouting up.

Oh, and soon you’ll all be able to submit quotes that run across the top, again. I killed the feature accidentally when I did the redesign and I’ve been too lazy to fix it.

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7 responses to “OkDork Design Tweaks

  1. Jason H. Reply

    Nice mod on the homepage with the recent posts. however, I still think a “Previous Entries” link on the bottom to go back to see the even older entries.

    Love that “Still Sexy” tab–very clever 🙂

  2. Joel Mueller Reply

    I enjoy being able to browse the latest 5-10 articles in a congruent manner — right in a row. Before, it seemed like there was a huge break inbetween the most recent 1-2 posts and the most recent 3-8 posts. And then it jumped into really old, but popular article links at the bottom. So if I missed a few days, I could never just click “next” to see what they were……and if I could, it wasn’t obvious at the time.