Just do 1 thing right and you got it.

May 18, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

It is late and I am about to crash but I wanted to get this out before I forget. It is about me treating my mom/dad to a Mother’s Day Dinner.

We had a lovely time at Los Gatos brewery. The food overall was good, better than most and worth the $100 tab.

What was unbelievable was the bread. Seriously, next time for dinner I will order a bottle of wine and extra bread.

My mom is extremely picky so I was a little surprised to see her raving about the restaurant. She didn’t notice it but she kept talking about the bread. Then it struck me:

Because the bread was phenomenal it made everything else seem better.

Other examples include La Victoria’s burritos in San Jose, they have the “orange sauce.” Apple did it with the iPod. Google did it with search. What other examples are there?

Bottom line: Focus and hammer one thing well and good things shall come!

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10 responses to “Just do 1 thing right and you got it.

  1. Tony Chung Reply

    Something is wrong, blog posts at night on okdork? …


    Purple skittles. I pay that buck just to get those purple skittles. All the other colors… bleh. Purple. Yum.

  2. Joe Reply

    Red and Green skittles are way better.

    Focus is hard… with rss, and twitter and facebook and this, and that…

    with all that going on, what do you do to focus on one thing?

  3. Will Kern Reply

    Wait, wasn’t Mother’s day like 2 weeks ago? Shame on you, I guess better late than never 😉

    Hugh Hefner did it with…..well, we all know what follows.

    Henry Ford did it with the Model A and production line.


  4. Noah Kagan Reply

    Will, My mom worked (she’s a nurse) on Mother’s Day and it is more convenient to go the day after.


    I have a hard time focusing. I like so many things. Lately, I have been trying to improve and think about focus/discipline. Back to work.

  5. Noah Kagan Reply


    Feel free to give me a hard time, anytime. My brother is a doctor and my step-dad is a programmer. So it is the techies vs. the life-savers in my family. And my real dad is a copier salesman. I guess he is the referee.

  6. Aaron Reply

    I believe Adam Smith thought about something somewhat similar back in the 1700’s when he was thinking of the division of labor.

    If you’re really good at something, just do it. If we all did just that the world would be much a tad better.