BuildV1: How to get your site off the ground

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Product: BuildV1 started as a simple job board for entrepreneurs. I was struggling to find a co-founder and figured there had to be an easier way. The site never took off, despite some great posts, but amazingly it helped me find a co-founder.

BuildV1: Connecting entrepreneurs with the right info and the right people

For the last few months we’ve been working on a major overhaul. We shifted the focus to help entrepreneurs find great info first and connect second. The idea is that great content will help build an audience and create a context to meet and learn from other
entrepreneurs (the community adds and votes on links, similar to digg).

We just re-launched BuildV1 and we need help getting the word out to the right people.

Question for you:
How would you spread the word about BuildV1? We have limited time and resources, how could we best spend our time and resources?

Prize: Best comment can still get a Community Next t-shirt:)

Grouporation = Group + Collaboration | Please leave a comment and help if you want your site, product or service to be reviewed in the future.

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13 responses to “BuildV1: How to get your site off the ground

  1. Patrick Reply

    Forum only sites are a thing of the past. Except for the grandfather sites like Something Awful and such, sites can rarely produce income from forums alone. You need to begin providing content to entice people to come. The simplest is to create a blog, and the content of the blog is derived from the forums. Highlight good threads or active discussions. Creating the posts will allow you to use Digg and Reddit and to draw people into the site.

    Web 2.0 is 90% about content and 10% about looks.

    — Patrick

  2. Joe Reply

    I would suggest having a digg/ button that bloggers can put at the end of their articles so that they compete to get to the top of the list, but filtering that is tough. Perhaps having them add some sort of code/link to a post will automatically submit their article to buildV1 so that it shows up on the just submitted tab automatically. Provide an avenue for the writer to get greater exposure, and for free.

    In the comments of all the articles submitted I would make a comment “Your post is 13th all time on BuildV1, Check out your rank!” To get them fired up about it and then show them how to auto submit their articles to get the free exposure.

    Above the content you need a box/blurb about what’s going on. Answer questions like: What is this place? What should i expect? What is the advantage of visiting this site more than once? Teach your users how this can change their entrepreneurial lives. How are you connecting them? And who are these “right” people? It sounds great, but how does this site make that happen? Your manifesto talks about your aims, but i want to know how the means(the site) Takes me there.

    I will go back to read the stuff, that’s for sure.

  3. Andy Reply


    I don’t want to rip-off the premise of Bill Richardson’s presidential job interview ads, but…

    I think BuildV1 could film some low-budget yet hi-hilarity web videos chronicling “Joe Entrepreneur” and his search for a start-up partner. Think of all the weirdos/whackos/psychos he’d surely encounter as he interviews potentials! That is, of course, until he realizes he should’ve used BuildV1 to find the perfect partner.


  4. Andy Reply

    I just re-read my post and wanted to clarify that it’s the interview premise of the Richardson ads that sparked my idea, not interviewing strange people. I would definitely vote for Bill if I got the chance.

  5. eric Reply

    @Patrick, I’m a little confused. BuildV1 doesn’t have forums, it’s a collection of links about entrepreneurship submitted by users, similar to digg/reddit/netscape. Our idea is to grow a community of entrepreneurs by providing the best content, filtered by the community.

    @Joe, awesome ideas and great questions, thanks! We’re on it : )

    @Andy, that’s hilarious, we’ll have to see if we can pull something like that off : )


  6. mike sabat Reply

    Unfortunately I don’t think there is a magic bullet or feature that you can add to a site to make it grow like wild fire. I checked out BV1 and like what you’ve got (I’ll probably be on the site for the next 2 hours).

    The mix to growth consists of
    Worthwhile product
    Easy to use and graphically pleasing
    A market that cares
    Networking and promotion
    …and most importantly, Luck

    You have got most of the elements. The previous suggestions are good – all the button to the news aggregators. You should also check out and news.ycombinator (especially YC, they are very active) But the big thing is networking and promoting your site 1 on 1.

  7. shoo Reply

    First of all, connect. Connect with people in the the web 2.0 stratosphere.

    Podcasts, blogs… ect. Bla, bla, you already know that. It’s what you’re trying to do right now.

    Not to be a critic, which I am obviously going to turn this comment around to be a critique, but add some color – images of the sites you are linking to (snapshot), icon clips of the videos. Anything to intrigue the reader.

    I’ve got dual monitors, and the other monitor is fighting for my attention. Compare it to how many colors and highlights you have in the okdork design.

    The content and layout looks great though. Just go Trading-Spaces on it.

    PS – No logo yet?

  8. Paul Reply

    This time I am going to get the PRIZE MONEY!!! Do a YouTube video! 😛

    Show users how to use BuildV, brief more on your clause. Guide them along how they can use it. Finally invite them to try it.

    Next a badge, get a decent one pls, (maybe get the web designer to do up the website too, it could use a make over really.) remember the badge or banner. Do something similar.

    Connect with pple on the same wirelength, e.g guy kawa…. noah, etc… pple who love the startup clause. drop them a note see if they are willingly to help. they can really cause a storm for u.

    if all else dun work, seek help from the digg army! this always work.

  9. Noah Kagan Reply


    I was fortunate enough to get invited to some rich event where Bill Richardson hung out with us. (Us = Noah + tons of old rich people). He was extremely personable, semi-politiciany and overall decent. They had great food at the event;)

  10. Noah Kagan Reply

    Damn! My friends/readers have over taken me in terms of kicking ass. Wow you guys (any girls?) give such amazing feedback. Wow that sounded cheesy but seriously this is really solid stuff that so many people need but never get. I guess my site is BuildVHelpYou.

  11. eric Reply

    I second Noah’s cheesy comment. Thank you all, we really appreciate the advice.

    @Mike, Thanks! We’ve been following news.yc

    @Shoo, we’re trying to keep it simple, but I think you’re right that we could definitely add some color/intrigue and we’re working on a logo : )

    @Paul, a video/screencast is a great idea, we’re on it

  12. Daniel Travolto Reply

    There is only 1 way to get your site off the ground:

    1. get backlinks: submit to social news sites
    2. get lots of documents on your website for google to find
    3. make your website sticky so people come back for more.

    Its extremely hard to do but should be fun once it works.
    I am trying to do the same with