7 People got Jobs through Okdork. Are you next?

May 16, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

I love helping people find new jobs/careers/opportunities. Why? I think the idea that one opportunity can do so much for a person is extremely rewarding. The idea that a new position can change a person’s life. Over the course of my life I have helped 7 people get jobs. That is one of my proudest achievements.

I posted a few weeks ago about my good friends at Saynow.com offering $10,000 smackeroos for a referral of a programmer. Matt Rubens of Jamglue and bad ass site Sketchfu sent me his buddy Ross. Guess who is now working at Saynow? Ross. Woot!

Guess who owes me a burrito?

Action Items:
– There is now a Okdork Jobs tab at the top of the site. If you are hiring someone for product management or marketing feel free to send me your hiring description to jobs@okdork.com. There is no fee and it lasts 15 days or until the job is filled.
– Check out the latest listing from Yahoo for a product manager on their search team.
– If you are looking for a job I can posts resumes as well.