Okdork is back

May 15, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

If you were to visit the site in the past 2 days you would notice it was extremely slow. It was extremely slow because:

(Insert witty joke here about all the traffic I was getting or because Media Temple (my hosting company) uses servers in Antarctica to power this site.)

Anyways, if you are in the Bay Area and enjoy “fun” check out the free Dodgeball event of Entrepreneurs vs. Venture Capitalists.

Can I be honest for a second? I was depressed. I love this site. I love the people who read it. I get a hard-on when people meet me and say “oh you are that dork guy.” When the site is down it is like my injured baby. I want to nurture it and get her playing again. So yay for play time!

If your site is every down here is what I did to get it back up.
1- Call hosting company 3x
2- Pray to God/Allah/Buddha/Jesus/(insert your religious leader here)
3- Cross fingers and wait
4- Upgrade to WordPress 2.1.3. Fixed