Truemors launches the place for 'Truths and Rumors'

May 12, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

Want to spread a truemor?

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WTF is a truemor? An online forum for truths and rumors. Spread them via phone (cool integration of spinvox, sms, post online or email). For example, a truemor is that Microsoft may buy Yahoo.

Start truemoring now

Disclaimer: I am a fan of Guy Kawasaki:)

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2 responses to “Truemors launches the place for 'Truths and Rumors'

  1. Jason H. Reply

    Guy K. is the BOMB 🙂 His book “Rules For Revolutionaries” is one of my favorite, favorite books all time!

    The #2 Greatest Trumor on that site is– Amy Winehouse is the new Bond girl– Ahhh, tell me it ain’t so, love her music, but she’s no way a bond girl material…