Which eBook should I write?

May 8, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

I get a fair amount of similar questions and I thought it would be fun to put together an eBook for y’all. So I will let you decide which one I will write.

Everyone who leaves a comment will get a free copy:

  1. Facebook Life > What is the ‘Zuck’ really like? How many hours did you work a day? How do they do the things they do? How many times were you poked?
  2. How to Create a Kick-ass conference > Everything I learned from Community Next in 1 book.
  3. Marketing Next > What are the new killer tactics for getting your startup the first 10,000 users.
  4. How to kill 8 hours in a cubicle > All the boring things I did while working at Intel.

Bonus fun: Conan O’Brien visits Intel video.

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73 responses to “Which eBook should I write?

  1. Joe Budde Reply

    I like them all. I think if you went with the Marketing Next book you might get more people to read it.

    the other ones would make great overall topics for say… “Bored Wednesdays”… for things to do durring an 8hr work day.

  2. Eric Reply

    My votes:

    1) Marketing Next
    2) How to Create a Kick-ass conference
    3) How to make money blogging (or… How to make money on free web sites)

  3. Chris Moxley Reply

    Marketing Next would be the most interesting to me. But if you think you can do How to Kill 8 hours quickly and make it funny, it might be better to do that just to get that first ebook under your belt.

  4. Duane Reply

    Do the kill 8 hours in a cubicle one, but then run it through LuLu or some other print on demand shop so that people can have a real physical book. That way you get the “gift” market. I can see my mother in law getting such a book for me as a gift, but I can’t see her downloading it and sending me a PDF, ya know?

    Besides, I’ll follow your progress for my research into my own “how to make your ommute suck less” ebook.

  5. Tyler Reply

    The Marketing Next topic would be, by far, the best seller.
    Everyone, myself included, would like to know how to develop a successful start-up.

    Whatever you choice, I am sure it will be a success.

    Thanks for the opportunity to give input.

  6. Nick O'Neill Reply

    I definitely would like to read the one on how to create a kick-ass conference. I love learning about how to put together conferences. I feel like most people already know what it’s like spending 8-hours in a cubicle.

  7. andre nosalsky Reply

    What’s your goal? is it to get the most exposure? to develop your brand further to make the most money?

    Answering this question you can then proceed to the next step of deciding what do to achieve that goal.

    If it’s to make the most amount of money, then it’s probably best to test it out on Adsense (like Tim mentions in the 4 hour workweek), if it’s maximum exposure, you’ll need a different strategy.

    If you were to write all of them, I’d probably prefer to read them in the following order:

    1) Facebook – but more of the human story, not just what tech hardware
    2) Marketing
    3) Conference
    4) Cubicle

  8. Jason H. Reply

    definitely Marketing Next!

    And, maybe some of your insight on how to build and market a kick-ass S.N.

  9. Matt Dickman Reply

    I’d like to see 1) Facebook, 2) Marketing, 3) Conference, 4) Cubicle. I think your personal experience at Facebook is something that not many people have heard.

  10. David Finch Reply

    Noah, great topics! Here are my thoughts for you new ebook.

    1. Marketing Next
    2. How to Create a Kick-Ass Conference
    3. FaceBook Life
    4. How to Kill 8 Hours in a Cubicle

  11. J.T. Reply

    In order of preference:

    1) Appealing to Young Egos: How to Make a Kick-Ass Conference
    2) Facebook Tales: Now With More Noah
    3) How To Kill 8 Hours in a Cubicle And Still Love Yourself
    4) Marketing2.0 Beta: The Unstable Build

  12. AdamD Reply

    Pick the one that will most advance Brand Noah. To me, it seems like Marketing Next would be the one. You can incorporate what you learned about marketing at Facebook, Intel, and CommunityNext.

  13. Amihai Bouskila Reply

    If you plan to write just one of the four, I’d be most interested in the Facebook Life…otherwise, the order you listed them corresponds to my interests so write them all in that order 😉

  14. Sian Reply

    You lived the type of life, people (like me) would like to read about and learn from God willing. How about an ebook combining all four of those areas?

  15. Will Kern Reply

    Marketing Next, then the kick ass conference. BUT what I would find compelling, which is not on your list (not sure why), is the chronicles of your experience as a couch surfer. I am POSITIVE there are some great stories in there, like the one you told me at Whole Foods. THAT would make for some great reading. Of course you would need to change the names to protect the innocent where necessary, but I think it would make for a very good read.

    Just my 2 cents.


  16. KR Reply

    question – if the book is an ebook, are we just going to get this sucker in PDF format? you trying to pull a fast one on us:)?

    i recommend facebook, but making it a mix of fantasy, fact and fiction.

    possible story lines: zuckerberger making his groupie sex partners scream – “facebook me” as he climaxes on their …

    you get the picture.

    then you can get zuckerberger to call you out, valleywag picks up the feud, traffic to ebook spikes, doubleday picks up book rights, touchstone picks up movie rights. noah character played by jake gyllenhal. zuckerberger played by ryan phillipe.

    or not.

  17. Adam Kalamchi Reply

    I’d do a 1-2 punch…release Facebook Life to generate press and awareness and then follow shortly with the Marketing Next…could be a great branding opportunity

  18. Jason H. Reply

    Let’s talk about the Title for your upcoming eBook. Here are some of my ideas:

    1. Marketing Next
    2. Noah on Marketing
    3. Noah’s World
    4. Noahnomics
    5. Noah Kagan (or OkDork) Uncensored
    6. Noah’s Life So Far
    7. Ok, I’m such a Dork
    8. Fabulous Life of Noah
    9. Everybody Loves Noah
    10. Finally, my favorite—“The Burrito Marketing�.

    What y’all think?

    P.S. Is it true that Zuck doesn’t like old people? And, did u have the chance to work with Steve Chen (YouTube founder) while at FB?

  19. Devin Reply

    I think this post is your shortest ever, but has more comments than my entire site.

    Facebook, dude. Then Marketing. You have time to write two, I know you do.

    Let me be an editor though. You know, speaking of grammar and all…

  20. Anand V. Chhatpar Reply

    1st Preference: How to create a kick-ass conference, and
    2nd: Marketing Next

    The reason I put “Marketing Next” second even though it looks like the popular choice amongst your readers is that I am not sure if reading an ebook can really help someone get their first 10k users… each startup might need to do something different. If you can prove otherwise, please change the order of my preferences.

  21. karen Reply

    I’m so incredibly selfish, since I’m putting on the OpportunityGreen Conference..

    Pretty please (I am whining) with a cherry on top… write me an ebook On How to Create a Kick-ass Conference ..and call it how to create a kick-ass conference on only a burrito a day!!

  22. Noah Kagan Reply

    WOWza, I was not expecting this many comments. It seems like the winner is marketing next. To be honest (I hate when people write this but whatevs) I was expecting Facebook to be the winner. I guess I know what my readers are interested in. I will do the conference one afterwards.

  23. Noah Kagan Reply


    I can still write that as posts weekly. I am just not sure how interesting that is for people to read about. I am couch surfing in LA as we speak:)

  24. Noah Kagan Reply


    Mint is coming out slowly.


    Great way to look at things. I am not thinking of my objectives but more of my readers. What would be the most interesting thing for you to read? What is the most valuable?

    For me, I am generally interested in increasing my brand and building momentum for more books if this works out. Ideally, I just want to educate and speak more about online marketing to people. If it ends up making some money, cool, if not cool.

  25. karen solomon Reply

    Noah..as president (self elect) of the OKDork Fan Club, Los Angeles Chapter – I sincerely welcome you to our fair city for your debut..We’ll try to keep the crowds handled ..and prevent the fans from swarming you!!!

    Hey, do I get $10 bucks back for registering prior to the discount code..ummm sounds like a little extra swag for me 🙂 Still on the look out for my communitynext iphone (said with a grin & smile).

  26. Todd Reply

    Well, I’ll add more fuel to the flame and say Marketing Next! I blog with a group of people about web startups outside of the valley. Building a solid user base is one of the top three issues people want to know how to do.

  27. Karen Hartline Reply

    I’m just posting so I can get a copy of the free ebook that has caused so many people to post. My votes are How to Create a Kick-ass conference (though i think I could teach you a thing or two about this…) and then, Marketing Next.

    When can I expect to see this in my inbox? I’m in desperate need…

  28. Devon Reply

    Something that inspires people, or at least makes them think outside the box. Be sure to make it more from your point of view. It makes readers more engaged I think. Just an opinion.