Book Review: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries & Jack Trout

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The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing:  Violate Them at Your Own Risk!Bottomline: Skim this book in the library or at Borders. After randomly grabbing Focus by Al Ries from the library and loving it I wanted to get other books by him. This book has some high level ideas/concepts but they are a tad outdated. I guess being immutable laws they should last forever…

Book take aways:

  • The law of leadership: Who was the first president? Who was the 23rd president? Notice the difference?
  • The law of perception: Realize that “marketing is a manipulation of perceptions.” What is the perception of Japanese cars? It matters!
  • The law of focus: Own one word. Period. What is the word for FedEx? What about Xerox? What about Coca-Cola?

Whoever can answer the questions will get my copy of the book

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12 responses to “Book Review: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries & Jack Trout

  1. matt snider Reply

    Alright, here’s my go…

    leadership: Washington and Harrison, both these presidents added more states to the Union than any other
    perception: reliable, fuel efficient
    focus: Overnight shipping, Copiers, Soda

    I think the last question is the most interesting, since all 3 of those companies have turned their brand names into what we call an entire industry.

    Interesting note, xerox also invented the fax machine, but we don’t call them xerox, anyone know why?

  2. Jason H. Reply

    FedEX: PopoZao
    Xerox: GUI
    Coca Cola: Obesity

    Have u ever wonder what word you would like to own for your blog?

    P.S. Noah, just a little suggestion, can you show 4 or 5 blog entries per page and have a “previous” link on the bottom of page to see your previous blog entries.

  3. Noah Kagan Reply

    Jason, I agree. This is Ben’s design and it is a work-in-progress so I will let him make final call.

    I think about that word all the time. Not just for my blog but for myself. What is the word that I want people to think of when they think of me? Online Communities, Marketing, sexyness, what….

    What is yours?

  4. Jason H. Reply

    don’t have one yet. it’s a tough question when u really think about it. it’s kinda hard to boil down a company’s mission, mantra, or product and service into just ONE word.

    I actually read that book yeeears ago, isn’t there a Law that says that you should never name your brand with both letters and numbers?

    I hope someone get my FedEx= PopoZao joke. I thought it was pretty funny 🙂

  5. Will Kern Reply

    After reading it twice, I got the FedEx joke. Very obscure and very funny!

    I think right now your ONE word could be homeless or fro 😉 . Just kidding, I think Connected, Community, Engaging, or In the Know (OK, 3 words, but you get the picture).


  6. AdamD Reply

    I think this book is worth more than a browse in the bookstore. If you can get past the old examples (and I think any good marketer should be able to), it holds the answers to why things are they way they are. I could read it front to back and then start over at the front again and still find something new.