How to Pitch a 'Noah' or Bloggers in General part 2

April 23, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

I wrote a post on how to pitch a blogger and recently I got pitched to meet someone that was so great I had to post it for everyone.

Subject Line: Insert Flattery Here



Honestly, I am a big fan of your site, it has been part of the three or four blogs I check daily for the last couple months. I really like the way you have specific themes for Tuesdays, Thursday, and Friday.

From what I can gather from your blog you have quite a bit of experience and expertise in technology and web based businesses, a love for burritos, and you play tennis.

I am looking for your opinion on a project I am working on. Here is what I am thinking, we play a tennis match and if I win we sit down for a while and I throw a couple ideas at you, you win I buy you a $50.00 gift certificate to the burrito shop of your choice. I will let you pick the length of match ,place (I live in Walnut Creek), date and time.

It seems to me you will either:

1) sack up and play me
2) read, and delete with a smirk
3) tell me you are too busy to play tennis but are open to me e-mailing you a short synopsis on my project.

Either way I appreciate your time.


Zach E

[Noah’s Note: Damn that was good! Yes, we played tennis 2 weeks ago and Zach and I are now bff]