How to Be Passionate and Start Your Business

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This post is written by Adam Gilbert who writes and runs

I left Ernst & Young on January 12th to go after and chase my dreams. It was time to marry my lifelong passion of health and physical fitness with my passion for entrepreneurship. Boom! MyBodyTutor was born!

Now, it’s nothing but passion. I know this because the true feeling of wanting to (not having to or needing to) work on my business at 3 AM after I go out for the night is ALWAYS there. Life is way too short to not love what you do. How can you accept anything less? This is your life. Last time I checked, we only get one time around this amazing place. (I certainly don’t remember any other times!)

Yup. I thought I heard something. You just made an excuse. Why can’t you work on your passion part time? Just get it done. Stop wishing and hoping already! Just do.

That’s me now.

In today’s ridiculously wired world of always being connected people have less and less time for the most important thing of all; numero uno. It’s too easy to say, “Screw it, I’ll start tomorrow!” We all know that our dreams mean absolutely nothing without our health and physical fitness. It’s very easy to make excuses to yourself.

Except now there will be no more wishing and hoping for a healthier and fitter body. That’s right. Just sit and read another story about someone going after their dreams and don’t do anything about your dreams.

This is all tough love. See, I left my small cog in a big wheel job because I wanted to make more of a difference. When you look and feel good you are way more inclined to take risks and do amazing things with your life. That is what I’m after. So, it turns out that my trying to light a fire under your ass has everything to do with your health and physical fitness. The healthier you are, the more self confident you’ll be to go after YOUR dreams!

Considering I started this business 8 weeks ago, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress. One thing is for sure. I’ve been able to make my NYC rent.

I learned some very valuable lessons that anyone can learn from!

1. Never be scared to be yourself The more I embrace who I am, the more success I am encountering. I was very hesitant to put shaven, oily pictures of myself in a Speedo on my website but I have to sell the goods. After all, I have been living the simple and easy to follow lifestyle I teach.

2. Be Obsessive I believe you can only be anal about something you are so passionate about and believe in. I’m obsessive when it comes to customer service. It’s paying off.

3. The Social Life Test This is the ultimate test. When you are willing to give up your social life, job, etc., etc., because you believe in something so much and WANT to work on your business instead of going out, don’t stop! You are onto something!

4. Do you love your clients? Tell them then. If it wasn’t for your clients you wouldn’t be able to do what you love doing in the first place. Oh that’s right. You don’t love what you do. And when you tell them you love them, you’ll learn more about why they love you and how you can make your customers happy for life.

5. Offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee! This should go without saying but if you have the goods and can deliver them then you should 100% offer a money back guarantee. (Yes, that’s right. Try my program and if you don’t see amazing results, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.)

6. Are you still sitting at your computer? Go make it happen. Stop reading. Seriously. Use awesome blogs like this one to learn but the best learning is actually doing!

7. Failure is not an option! You really have to believe in yourself and your service/product. Once you have that belief, the sky is the limit! Not making my rent can’t happen. It’s not possible. At the same time, if you do fail you’ll realize there is a lot to learn from failure.

8. You can’t fake passion! Whether it’s with a gf/bf, husband/wife, job/career/business you simply can’t fake it. There are many ways you can learn how to be passionate, but in the long term you can’t fake it. Stop and go do something you are passionate about. (No pun intended.)

Finally, stop procrastinating and being fearful! When you love something so much and believe in what you are doing and know your product/service will change the world for the better you have no alternative but to be AFF (Absolutely F@#kin’ Fearless!).

Learn more how I can help you with your body at (In 2013, six years after this post, Noah wrote about how you can sell anything and made a video with me. Check it out here.)

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6 responses to “How to Be Passionate and Start Your Business

  1. Tyler Reply

    That is a freakin awesome post!
    For real…that just motivated me to get off my ass and get one of my ideas off the drawing board and into production.

  2. Adam Gilbert Reply

    Hey All!

    I just wanted to thank you very much for your really kind and rewarding comments.

    Tyler, I’m glad you are going to just make it happen! Sri and Marshall, thanks for your kind words as well! It means a lot.

    It’s comments like all of yours that make it all worth it!



  3. Joel Mueller Reply

    Consideration: I was already interested in information on your website after the first page. So I clicked on the header link to get more real info. But I was sent to another page that seemed like it was trying to keep convincing me to be interested.

    But I was already interested.

    So I clicked again. And again a “sales hype” page was displayed. By this point, my reaction was the leave the site. Too many clicks to get to the page I thought was going to load after the first click.

    Nice post though. Your motivation is encouraging to people.