Why do People do the Things They do?

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Have you ever stopped to think, why did that person cut me off in traffic or why did my boss shoot down my idea, or better yet, why did that person say such a hurtful thing? What really is going on in people’s heads when they do the things they do or say the things they say?
I find myself often times wondering these things, and I sometimes come up with answers, other times, I just scratch my head in amazement. I know we have all been victim to this, and most likely, we have all been the subject of someone’s questioning. What is it in our brains that cause some decisions to be completely irrational and almost unconscious, where other decisions make complete sense (at least to you or the person wondering about your decision) and seem completely rational.
Why does it seem like sometimes the answer to these questions is that the person did what they did because it was of benefit to them and they were not concerned with the fallout of that decision, like who did this negatively affect and why?

Who has these answers – you, me????

I leave you with this, which one would you take and why?


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11 responses to “Why do People do the Things They do?

  1. ashley Reply

    i would of course take the lift and why because its a lot easier and of course just about all of us r thinking the same thing we do most of the things we do because its easier on us and we wont have to got through a bunch of trouble

  2. Brian Fred Reply

    Ya but it you take the stairs it show that you dont always take the easy way and that your not a fat ass and it gives space to people who actually need not you lazy asses who would take the lift

  3. Brian Fred Reply

    You think that you are better than anybody else when deep down you know that your the same as every body else and the sooner you accept it the sooner you will live your life………

  4. kar8D Reply

    the stairs=]
    only because i know something amazing will happen 8) haha
    failling is always funny, as long as you learn how to laugh at yourself.

  5. Austin Reply

    stairs…lift has possibility of breaking down and jamming, also it would use less electricity and its better for me 🙂

  6. HOLDERofFOOD Reply

    I would just sit at the bottom and watch other people make their decisions and make silly explanations for why they chose what. I would just sit there and watch, miserably…

  7. Ash Powers Reply

    The most suitable response to these two apparently competing suggestions would require more information regarding the surrounding circumstances from which the decision to take one, the other, or neither is founded. What is the premise? What are the bounds? Why do I have to choose one or the other?