Who's your Daddy and What does he do?

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Every time I tell people my mom works at a hospital they always say…..She’s a nurse.

Every time I say my brother works at a hospital they always say….you guessed it, he’s a doctor.

What’s up with stereotypes? Okay, so yes my mom is a nurse and my brother is a doctor. And yes, I am the black sheep that just plays with computers all day.

I thought for today it would be fun to guess what these people do for a living.

Bonus: I got a free microphone from Midomi, they do a cool service where you sing a song and they tell you what song it is. So the funniest comment will get a microphone.

the guy
Image 1: The Guy

guy #2
Image 2: The Other Guy

girl #1
Image 3: The Girl

Image 4: The Other Girl

So what does each person do for a living?

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32 responses to “Who's your Daddy and What does he do?

  1. Tyler Reply

    1.) Enron Executive
    2.) Unabomber’s “auto”biographer
    3.) Janet Jackson’s superbowl performance wardrobe consultant
    4.) Psychiatrist…obviously (Quack Quack!)

  2. The Financial Ladder Reply

    You have to admit, there are strings of truth in sterotypes…

    1. Avon salesman for the new demograph.
    2. John the investment banker by day, Jo-anna, the musical female celebrity impersonator by night.
    3. Hopefully my guardian angel.
    4. High class escort getting paid by a new client.

    Was I close?

  3. engtech Reply

    They are all waiters aspiring to be models aspiring to be actors.

    #1: Screwdriver Repair Man. Bad-ass, Screwdriver Repair Man. He has his own theme song.

    #2: When it’s late at night the college janitor likes to pretend he’s one of the alumni.

    #3: The real Hanes inspector #12.

    #4: Social deviant. She pays ducks to have sex with the baby chicks. But who am I to judge?

  4. Will Kern Reply

    1)Substance abuse counselor / ex gangbanger extra for movies / tattoo artist
    2)Christian TV Evangelist
    3) Whatever you want if you have enough money!
    4) CEO of the Worldbank (those are 1 dollar bills Aflac the duck is after, they look to be a wad of twenties!)

    When will you be shipping me the microphone 🙂

  5. Rich E Reply

    Is it just me, or do the first two look remarkably alike and the second two look remarkably alike? I bet they’re the same person, just at different points in their life. Let’s go with the guy being the founder of an auto parts chain and the lady being the president of some charity.

  6. sri Reply

    Serious Guess:
    1. tattoo artist
    2. Professor
    3. Model
    4. Executive

    1. Guidance counselor
    2. Gay pornstar
    3. My friends mother (when i was 12)
    4. Halle Berry Stunt double

    PS: Isnt the title from The Arnold?

  7. sri Reply

    Wait a minute!!!

    Is person 1 the younger version of Person 2?
    And Person 3 is Person 4?

    Or is the person writing this is full of shit! You tell me

  8. sri Reply

    Bastard!! This is a trick question and its got me thinking more.

    P1) Mechanic
    P2) Dammit…he looks like a professor, but the answer is mechanic
    P3) I see the wings! So she might be a Victoria Secret Model.
    p4) Still tempted to say Halle Berry’s body double! but the final answer is…a model.

    Ok, gonna go sleep now.

  9. marc Reply

    agree w/ dave c on the title. Arnold Schwzeenegger sound board right?

    1. Doctor
    2. my psych prof from ucsd
    3. victoria secret model (nightime)
    4. victoria secret model (daytime)

  10. Matt Reply

    1. I can’t believe nobody said Loan Officer for number 1. But I’ll guess Video editor

    2. He has non-profit exec written all over him

    3. Lawyer, top of her class at Hastings (I’m not kidding)

    4. Self-made millionaire

  11. Jason H. Reply

    1. The new Marlboro Man
    2. Karl Rove with beard
    3. Booth bunny for the Convention that’s right next to the CES 🙂
    4. Foster Farms spokeswoman– “honey, guess what’s for dinner tonight?”

  12. Phil Gerbyshak Reply

    1) The winner of NBC’s “You’re the One that I want” contest (he’s blond and can sing great, but you can’t tell because of the hat)
    2) A Geico salesman (caveman’s father)
    3) A pre-school teacher trying to raise money by posing in the school calendar
    4) The runner-up in the search for the next AFLAC spokesperson

  13. noah kagan Reply

    This was definitely a fun experiment. I don’t know what any of the people in the pictures do but there are some awesome guesses.

    The title is for sure from Arnold in Kindergarten cop.

    I think the second guy is an attorney. The other 3 your guesses were much better and funnier than mine.

    The winner of the funniest job titles goes to….Marc. So many great ones to choose from!

  14. matt snider Reply

    1) Your daddy

    2) Office space character, Tom Smykowski, now that his jump-to-conclusions mat is a wild ‘suck’cess

    3) The angel Gabriel. Yeah, he’s a cross-dresser.

    4) An aflack customer who is late on a payment. Afraid for her kneecaps, she is sticking close to duck’s family.

  15. mike paahana Reply

    i dunno y people so hung up on what u do 4 work when life reely about having fun, i no like get old an cum like everybody else an jus stress over mony so my job is beeing Mike Da Man, if i it them everybody going like be like me