Friday Free Business Ideas: WordPress Guru

March 9, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

How many of my readers are bloggers? Probably a few. I upgraded my design and installed someone plugins lately but always have questions and improvements I want to make. I think there are many others who want to setup a blog or have simple problems they would pay to fix.

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Opportunity: Master installing, upgrading, fixing, programming WordPress and become the Guru.

To even hyper specialize further would be to solely be the plugins person or the upgrades WordPress guy. I feel this could be a great business for someone if they focused and specialized.

What do you think? As always, if you do this idea please buy me a burrito;)

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18 responses to “Friday Free Business Ideas: WordPress Guru

  1. Izzy Reply

    I like free wordpressy wordpress of effortlessness. I’ll leave it to you uber-guru’s to have the cool lookin’ individual blogs. Perhaps one day I’ll be more proactive about searching someone out with tech-magic skillz who can make mine pretty.

    Until then, lame is my middle blog name. 😉

    Congrats on the run, Noah!

  2. Tyler Reply

    I just installed the adsense deluxe plugin using a sweet video over at It’s totally free and there are some other good tips there as well.
    There is also video that was profiled at ProBlogger called Real Blog Videos, it isn’t free, but Darren Rowse said it was good for beginners.

  3. shoo Reply

    It would be hard to imagine what plugin you could dream of that’s not already out there in open source. (Maybe I could be wrong)

    I take that back – I am wrong. Something that I’ve wanted for a while, and I am jealous of users, is integrated traffic monitoring. Right now I use Google Analytics.

    As for shelling out cash for a plugin, I’ll stick to the free stuff.

  4. Aaron Reply

    I’m with Noah. Heck, if somebody charged me $5 bucks to add 5 plugins of my choice I might consider it – specially if you can do something like Paypal and do a quick, safe transaction.

    Don’t know you’d become a millionaire doing it, but would be a nice source of extra rev for Saturday night drinking!

  5. Sean Tierney Reply

    absolutely. There’s a young guy we used here in Phx who is the WordPress pimp ( We’re using WP for our blogs as well as the CMS that powers our websites for and There will definitely be an ecosystem of consulting work develop around this product.

    Shameless plug: as far as the easiest way to install WP- we just released the newest version of the WP JumpBox last night and it now has the ability to be unlocked for shell access. It is hands-down the easiest way to be up and running w/ WP on any operating system. Fantastico is nice if you’re on an ISP that supports it but if you run your own server there is no better way to do WP than with this virtual appliance. Completely portable, self-contained virtual computer with WP preconfig’d. And we’re giving it away free during the remainder of the beta (2wks):


  6. Ben Bleikamp Reply

    Sick of me being so busy, Mr. Noah? I promise I will make this blog shine as soon as I get a week that I’m not slammed. P-R-O-M-I-S-E. There are a lot of tweaks I want to make 🙂

  7. Mike Sabat Reply

    I’m not an idiot when it comes to using computers, but I have NO IDEA about anything dealing with programing. It probably took me five months to figure out how to get the subscribe button on my blog.

    Hosting the site myself? Ya, I’d pay someone to set it up.

  8. Jeremy Reply

    Believe it or not, this is a project I’ve been working on for a while. (so not sure if it deserves a buritto!) But i find the templates & designs available pretty awful and think that people might pay $5-$10 for a really good looking template with custom colours & installation…. thoughts?
    You can check out the start of the project here: we’re almost done with the site… almost.

  9. Megan Reply

    $5 or $10 bucks?? It’s worth more than that and I think most people who realize they can’t do the work themselves would be more than willing to pay for quality work. Make no mistake, this is the same as other web development work. Perhaps some people believe that because the WordPress platform is free, anything and everything you can do with it should be as well. But talk to someone (who is not a code geek and has dealt with WP for a while) who wanted to customize and they will tell you they are happy to pay for web development work. I have been doing this for some time now and i can only say, if you are developers, I am sure you realized quickly that you are not about to develop custom WP templates or designs for $5. Good luck with the enterprise!

  10. wordpress quickstart guy Reply

    I am into training people who are new to blogging to use wordpress. And provide hands on training. Perhaps next time I should also have a team of people who specialize in wordpress upgrade. There seems to be many issue and taking up people alot of useful time.

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