Launches = MySpace + Facebook

March 7, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

My friends at quietly launched their site in the past few days. I have been beta testing for awhile and love what they have done. These guys are one of the few people who have a chance of making something big. They turned into an indie rock monster website.

virb launches

The site has some pretty cool things:

– Hate when music plays when you load a MySpace page? With virb you can revert the person’s profile to a default if you want
– Customize your page with easy templates and create plug-ins that other people can use.
– Find the friends you want with simple search and browse functionalities.

Not many people know but these guys created Pure Volume and a Facebookish site 1 year before Facebook or MySpace launched. The real question now is is this too little too late? Can they take their 1 million plus members from Pure Volume site and change the world with Virb?

Bottom line: The site has taken the best of things from Facebook and MySpace and put them together. I definitely recommend you check out Virb.