Free Simple Marketing Tip: Quarter Meter

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Have you ever gone to a downtown area and needed change for the meter? You know what I am talking about. It sucks! You walk store to the store, ask for change and they just start laughing at you. No luck. Here is an easy marketing tip for one of those stores.

“Advertise heavily as the place that gives out change for meters”

parking meter

Why are so many stores against giving you the quarters? Yes, I know this won’t work if you are an office building but for cafes, stores, etc… this will work well. Go the opposite and promote that you have quarters. Get the foot traffic and the additional business.

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9 responses to “Free Simple Marketing Tip: Quarter Meter

  1. sri Reply

    Sometimes the stores magically have change when you buy something from them. Bastards!! I hate it when stores refuse to give change. Or what u can do is stand in a famous area that has lots of parking meters….and whenever someone comes for change, say u only 3 quarters left. Most likely they would just give u a buck for 3 quarters. Unethical?? Tell that to the people who steal newspapers from the newspaper thingy and sell them to you for a quarter.

  2. sri Reply

    Actually..talking about ethics….

    is it ethical to charge $2.50 for a can of pringles at a gas station?

    Is it ethical to charge rent to victims of Katerina if you had an empty room?

    [sorry did not mean to hijack the original topic].

  3. Noah Kagan Reply

    Hijack away Sri. Never stopped you before;) Charging at those places is all about price-sensitivity. Same reason Disney land can charge $100 for a day pass. If you make the trek from North Carolina to Disney you will pay whatever they ask.

  4. SusanJones (SixGunSusie) Reply

    heyyyy, easy there, my kid, thru a drive thru (walking) at peak time, put down 50 bucks purchase all of a particular ‘product’, stand in the front of the drive thru, people pulled up, he held up his basket, advised the person if they were hoping to purchase such-and-such, tuff, he owned them all and if they wanted one they had to pay him double…it worked for 4 days, he doubled his money (you following? doubled, so, 50 bucks a day 4 days for about one hour each day) HE got is arse kicked off the drive-thru property. The entire 4 days was put on film (including the manager kicking him out, spitting, red in the face, and chasing him, it is pretty funny)…he makes those to….. films. That one might be good for a few million u-tube views.
    He is scheming on something else now. (and all of these crazy business things he’s doing, he is filming them all for one hell’va documentary or sum-such).
    So, you think he is unethical? great, I’ll send him to yah, you can learn him something! (and get him outta my hair! did I mention he is 18? he has been driving me up the wall since he was 9, but, he is very accomplished, his resume beats the hell outta most 40 year olds)

  5. SusanJones (SixGunSusie) Reply

    heeeeeeee, just mentioned to him the parking meter money thing. He is going to do that! and ….film it.
    We are moving to a city in a few days, they have parking meters! woot!
    but then, hmmm…he might get hurt.

  6. Will Kern Reply

    How about setting up changes machines near the parking meters and charge a nominal service fee per transaction. I smell a new business idea here!