Friday Free Business Ideas: PR 2.0 for Mom & Pop Stores

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This ideas is from Alaska Miller.

Problem: With the advent of local review sites, such as Yelp, Judy’s Book, Smalltown, and various foodies blogs, there’s more and more buzz being generated from the web that pushes people to go out and eat somewhere. Some times people are willing to go to reviewed businesses even if they’re just mediocre rather than businesses not reviewed or, worse, not even listed and mentioned on these review sites.

Opportunity: A local Web 2.0 publicity/PR firm that can cater to clients who are small businesses such as dentists or restaurants that can do two things:

1) Be able to help their client establish a presence online.

A good PR firm will be able to place relevant information, such as operating hours, menus, and locations, on review sites or to blogs as well as facilitating tastings.

2) Be the liaison and maintain a good reputation online.

local mom and pop store

When an ill comment or review is found, the PR firm should be able to locate who made the comment and how best to address the issue, such as coaching the business to do something better.

The great thing is, Google and other search engines regularly aggregates review sites in conjunction to a search term. Maintaining a good reputation on these sites will count towards keeping up your SEO and the reviews will definitely help find your clients achieve efficiency and better customer service as well as generate new business.

What do you think?

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8 responses to “Friday Free Business Ideas: PR 2.0 for Mom & Pop Stores

  1. Noah Kagan Reply

    Since no one is commenting I will start it off;)

    I think this is a great idea. It is not scalable but for someone looking to start there own business or wanting to hire high school/college interns this is a great chance.

    I think what would be even better is focusing on niches like automobiles, liquor stores, restaurants, etc…

  2. Jason L. Baptiste Reply

    I’ll throw my two cents in :-). I think it’s a great idea as well. Maybe labeled as something slightly different than Public Relations? You would have to focus on a certain city or subsection of a city at first. You would be able to utilize the same press contacts for all your clients. It would come down to a lot of relationship building. The good side is, you would only need to focus on a small base of publications and sites. Noah, how much do you think a fair charge would be? M&M’s Local store isn’t looking for the cover of wired. Is there a PR firm out there doing this? Shameless plug: we’ll give the first pr firm that contacts us Publictivity for free use, if this is exactly what your PR firm does. Oh, and we’ll give Noah a burrito too 🙂


  3. Noah Kagan Reply

    Good call on the branding Jason.

    I forgot my permanent disclaimer even though this is Alaska’s idea. if anyone does this please buy us both some burritos;)

  4. Sofie Reply

    Three-Dimensional does that too.
    It’s a non-profit organization who puts the smaller companies online for very cheap prices.