Friday Free Business Ideas: Hey Fatty Shirts

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My marathon is coming up next weekend and during training I have spent way too much time in the gym. I spend around 10 hours a week or so in the gym. I realized one day during that period there was a great chance for advertising.

Opportunity: Companies pay for your gym membership in return you wear shirts with their logo while working out.

Seriously, I am running on the treadmill for 2 hours and I always stare at the people around me. Companies should take advantage of this time.

fat person

An alternative to this business idea is for a t-shirt company to focus solely on making shirts specifically for the gym.

Ie. “Stop looking at my ass” or “You should see how you look from behind.”

What do you think?

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32 responses to “Friday Free Business Ideas: Hey Fatty Shirts

  1. sri Reply

    Good idea actually.

    “This ass was achieved thru working out and HydroxyCut” by Hydroxycut

    “South Bitch diet” by South Beach Diet

    “6 pack inside” by Budweiser

    “if you think this pussy (picture of a cat) is hot, check out the beaver” by SPCA

    “We were not responsible, the bitch was just crazy” by Trimspa

    “Apply it directly to this ass” by that company that makes “apply it directly to your forehead”

    “Out of bread, try these buns” by Sara Lee

    “This ass was just tapped a few hours ago” by Chicago Tap dancing company

    “Why dont u just suck on it” by the Los Angeles Straw company

    “Burn a 100 calories and eat 5000” by Mcdonalds corporation

    In the front part of a ladies workout pants:
    “Eatin’ good in the neighborhood” by Applebees

    ok….i better stop.

  2. Shivani Reply

    you should start wearing tshirts to the gym and see if you get any new readers 🙂

    in general, though, i don’t think seeing a tshirt with a logo will induce people to use the product. i’m a serious pessimist when it comes to marketing in that way…like, i think, billboard ads are completely useless unless you just want people to see/get more familiarized your name (so a pepsi logo on a billboard makes sense, billboard, not so much)

    i love the tshirts for the gym idea…that would be hilarious…”one and two and three and four get those situps right” (kanye) 🙂

  3. sri Reply


    Imagine driving down the interstate and you see a billboard that says “Panda Bear Washing Detergent-The best in the world”. Now, you are not gonna run and buy a panda bear washing detergent…..

    but 1 month later, when u go to the store….and you they are out of TIDE but…you see “Panda Bear Washing detergent” for $5.99……and u also see “Tiger Washing Detergent” for $5.88.

    ding ding!! Now, which would you buy? Assuming that you desperately need one and cannot run to another store?

  4. sri Reply

    Couldnt resist. Ads by technology companies

    “Googling over this ass?” by Google

    “I lost 5 lbs…yahooooo” by Yahoo

    “It is now Vista ready” by Microsoft

    “I can slim it down using Photoshop” by Adobe

    “This little fox is on FIRE!” by Firefox

    “ting ting ting ting” by Intel (only a few will get this)

    Ok, i think im getting lame!!!

  5. sri Reply

    Shivani, bad example!!

    How about if both were same price!! I dont know why I made Tiger $5.88!

    To me, if I see two products (kinda generic) out there with the same price (or very similar price), I then look at the packaging.

  6. sri Reply

    They are all original!! U think people would actually buy the T-shirts? I dont know……but the lines would only make sense with the name of the companies…and I cannot put the name of the company coz its a trademark violation…right?

  7. sri Reply

    By the way, Ramit S. of iwillteachyoutoberich has this shirt with the following line “you have died of Dysentry” that he says has become popular……I dont get it….whats so great about that phrase?

  8. sri Reply

    More T shirt (seasonal) idea: (wouldnt make sense a year from now)

    “I wanna be buried next to Anna Nicole Smith”
    “Test my DNA too”

    Maybe I should go to Florida and stand outside the court and sell these shirts 🙂

  9. sri Reply

    Oregon Trail game?….i guess I was not born in this country, so never heard of it. But I was a computer game freak when I was 10 years old…..but the games I was playing were all by Sierra-On-Line..

    1) Kings Quest series
    2) Space Quest series
    3) Police Quest series
    4) Leisure Suit larry (I was 12 years old when I played this and was so horny when I saw Larry making out with a hooker in this game)
    5) Black Cauldron

  10. Mike Sabat Reply

    Sri, you don’t know what Oregon Trail was? That game was the only reason to show up for 3rd grade.

    You can’t use company logos without permission. They are serious IP. I’m not even sure how those mock logo T-shirts get away with it, but I assume they change the logo significantly.

    “It wasn’t our fault, that bitch was just crazy.” -Trimspa. Hands down winner. Please make this shirt.

    I think its a great idea to advertise on T-shirts in the gym, but there are some serious problems. The biggest being that 99% of the people that would take this deal are the same people that stop going to the gym 1.5 months in. Now for someone doing a Valentines Day marketing push it may kill.

    Good luck with the marathon, Noah. Are you going to keep working out after the run? I just started working for a fitness/tech company that puts professionally designed workouts on iPods, Once I settle in a bit I may ask to do a UGT if you or your readers would want some iPod workouts.

  11. Marco Reply

    Practically, it probably won’t work. The cost of a gym membership is super costly. A casual visit costs about about US$12. Advertisers usually pay around 20 cents in print ads for each reader and for click-thrus well we all know what the pay outs are for them.

    Maybe an equivalent business idea would be to offer to paint your whole car in the company’s logos in return for a brand new car?

  12. sri Reply

    Mukund, thanks for the compliments.
    I was an undergraduate major in marketing but my first job offer was only $19,000 so I went back to school and did a masters degree in CS.

  13. Jason H. Reply

    Sri, u r a freaking genius 🙂

    Here are some of mine:

    1. “Like my McAbs and McAss. Dr. McSteamy did them.”— ABC’s promo shirt for Grey’s Anatomy (yeah, my favorite show).
    2. “To the left, to the left. This Ass is Irreplaceable” —Beyonce’s Fat Fan club

    Here are a few with Web 2.0 twist:

    1. “Real People. Real Booties.”—Yelp
    2. “Stop doing the Chicken Noodle Soup Dance. Let’s Slide.”—Slide
    3. “My Tube is longer than Your Tube” -YouTube
    4. “This ass was just Poked a few hours ago” —Facebook (OMG, this is so wrong…)

    Cheers, everyone 🙂

  14. Mukund Mohan Reply

    I know what you mean. Did B.S. in C.S. first job paid $42K. Went for my MBA they said job offer would be about $35K, so I did M.S. also in CS.

    Still I think you have potential as a blog title writer as a night job, if you ever need one.

  15. Will Reply

    Brilliant, simply brilliant! Instead of paying for the gym membership, just make the shirts super comfy and give them out free to gym goers, who would not wear a free shirt if it is comfy (not to mention has something catchy on it).
    Take the idea one step further and get the overweight population to wear shirts like “Compliments of Dunkin Donuts” or “One burger too many” McDonalds…. you get the picture!


  16. Jessica Reply

    Cool idea! Want to see other entrepreneurial ideas in action? As part of Entrepreneurship Week, students across the globe are participating in the Innovation Challenge. Teams try to create as much value as they can with an everyday object over three days. This entry is particularly innovative–selling a game of hockey with Guy Kawasaki–the prize they will receive if they win!

  17. Damon Billian Reply

    Hi Jason H.,

    “1. “Real People. Real Booties.â€?—Yelp
    2. “Stop doing the Chicken Noodle Soup Dance. Let’s Slide.�—Slide
    3. “My Tube is longer than Your Tube� -YouTube
    4. “This ass was just Poked a few hours agoâ€? —Facebook (OMG, this is so wrong…)”

    That rocks. Did you notice most of the companies mentioned are connected to the PayPal Mafia?

  18. Jason H. Reply

    Hi Damon,

    Glad you enjoy them 🙂

    I guess you’re right, it’s indeed the PPM.

    Ah, speaking of PPM, let me just add one more:

    “hotLINK INside� ~ LinkedIn. (Perhaps with a picture of a hotlink sausage)

    Sorry for being a bit naughty ^_^

    Personally, I’ve the utmost respect for all of the PayPal Alums, because let’s face it, they’re the Web2.0. Together, they probably single-handedly brought the Valley out of recession.

    If you’re into the PPM conspiracy stuff, check out this strange article:

  19. Sean Howard Reply

    This is your BEST business idea yet.

    Even more so when combined with the photo you chose.

    Larger people could actually wear multiple logos to help make up for the negative impact!!! 😉