Dang. Who was that person?

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Grouporation = Group + Collaboration

Background: I started meeting a lot of people over the past few years and I had a hard time keeping track of everyone. Microsoft Office was great at recording all phone #s, birthdays, addresses, etc…But what about following up with people you haven’t chatted with in awhile, or remembering to do certain things for people or knowing all your sf vc friends.

I created peoplereminder.com with my friend Teale to serve as a contact manager for individuals and very small businesses. I know 37signals is releasing highrise soon but this is something I created and wanted your feedback on.

Problem: I haven’t really touched Peoplereminder.com in a long time. I realize it is a very manual thing and a successful Relationship Manager would be effortless.

Question for you: How would your ideal contact/relationship manager function?

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10 responses to “Dang. Who was that person?

  1. Laura Reply

    It would fetch facebook profiles and update according to changes in the profile as well as an algorithm to keep graffiti on these profiles from becoming a part of information file
    Send a reminder to update by syncing with a calendar
    Send birthday reminders or add them to above calendar along with other appointments/follow-ups
    Check for duplication by auto-searching as you type in things

  2. Miles Reply

    I think having some SMS functionality or something where I can shoot a reminder to chat/email w/someone or a pic of their business card (which I always lose) taken w/my phone.

    Also – something more human – conversations or something where I can setup or recap what’s been dicussed and maybe a way to share?

  3. Charles Hudson Reply

    I had the same thought yesterday. What I really need is something like an old school tickler file. Keeping contact info up to date is a bit of a pain, but not the real issue. The real issue is keeping track of the people with whom I’d like to have regular contact and alerting me when I have lapsed beyond what I set as a goal. It would be great if it could do the following:

    1. Index my email and figure out when I last emailed someone.
    2. Digest my calendar and figure out when we last met in person.
    3. Digest my phone call log and figure out when we last chatted.

    Sum all that up and let me know when I need to buy Noah a burrito.

  4. Sean Tierney Reply

    agreed w/ Miles- it needs to be almost frictionless and organic. something like a snapshot from your cellphone camera sending SMS to a Backpack acct along w/ their info. And you’d want tagging to put some loose yet personally meaningful structure to contacts. Integration w/ iCal for reminders possibly via something like SpanningSync… basically no extra steps to get benefit. like a “helmet cam” that’s just always there to record the moments of significance and tag them for reference.


  5. Alex Reply

    I think the main thing would be to make it totally basic, easy, and open-source. Think WordPress for Contact management. Let the users be in control, or offer a hosted version. Make it so you can plug it in to anything such as Facebook, MySpace, etc.

    The more open-source it is, the more a community will form around it. The basic code can be simple but needs to be powerful. The community will add to it and that is your best bet if you aren’t going to support it full time.

  6. Noah Kagan Reply


    You are so on point. The real value in a program like this is to be able to tell you what you should be doing. Oh Noah, Charles likes flowers so you should buy him something next week. Or you should connect these two people based on their backgrounds. That would be awesome!

  7. j.d.a. Reply

    sure this post was done a while ago, but now that highrise is out it’s pretty relevant. the 37signals model is usually pretty good, but why not do everything for free – at least more than 37s is doing. Free accounts on highrise only give you 250 contacts – that’s not enough – if you want more you have to pay $12 a month. i could by cheap hosting for that and build my own product that is more custom to my needs. which brings me to my next point, highrise is not customizable enough. i’ve been using it a ton, but writing a lot of the same stuff in every note – like where or how the connect took place and what the next step is – build that type of stuff in or make it customizable.

    there are a bunch of ways to do this right and better than highrise.