UGT: How a reader made $46,000 by Reading OkDork

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I started reading early last year. It was a blog that triggered my interest because the contents were different from the other blogs I followed. The reason I am writing this is because I would like to thank this blog for the inspiration it has given me to pursue my dreams of opening up my own business. I was in a dead end job, earning $50,000 for the past 4 years. My yearly salary increments were around $800 despite the outstanding services I rendered to them. I had a choice of staying at my secured position or trying to make it on my own.

It was a difficult desicion as this involved relocating to a large city as the city I was in had a population of less than 10,000 with no promising jobs. I did just that. I relocated to a MAJOR city in the US and took up a job that paid $46,000. The reason I took up a lower paying job was to sustain my family while I scout around this new city for the big break.

In early November, I made the bold move to open a business and work for myself.
I am happy to say that I am currently billing my current client around $500 a day on a long term project. Thanks Noah for the inspiration. I would like to share a tip with your readers. Before you open a business and do any bold moves in life, always make sure you have a healthy cushion. I strongly recommend that you have at least 6 months worth of savings.

Do everything as cheap as you possibly can. Opening a new business has only cost me less than $1000 so far. I use my home as the office and deduct 1/3 of my rent and utilities as a business expense. I am learning as I am going but being the cheap bastard I am, its helping me grow my business without the real business expense.

Used laptop from ebay: $380
Printer: $29
Photo Printer: $8 (after the generous google checkout offer and rebates)
Flash drives: Free (after rebates)
Printer paper: Free (Stolen goods)
Office supplies: Free (Stolen goods)
Business phone line: Free (I use which allows you to have 2 phone numbers)

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