See Pics of Anna Nicole Below…

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She is on TV, the front page of People and SO much coverage over her death, baby, whatever…

anna nicole smith boobie

Questions for you:

  1. Why does the media care so much about Anna Nicole Smith?
  2. What can we learn in trying to market our own products from her?

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11 responses to “See Pics of Anna Nicole Below…

  1. angela Reply

    americans love to see the kid from tiny, no-where town make it to some level of stardom – love it even more if they continue to fall and fail and show how fucked up life can be even when you “make it” but wait, there is one way to make even better! if they end up come back kid that keeps on falling and coming back, the deal is sealed!

    in all seriousness though, she is/was a brand to cheer for in many ways. she was larger than life (no i don’t mean her weight! although…) but so incredibly human. that is what we strive for, isn’t it? we need consumers to attach to brands on an emotional level so they care about it and pay attention to it and support it. even when the brand does something that they disagree with (sweatshops/nike; jail/martha or lil kim?) americans love the underdog who refuses to stay down or give up.

    emotional branding has obviously been a buzz lately but strong brands got there because of it, long before it had a name. otherwise, there really wouldn’t be the enduring brands that have been in game for this long.

    that’s my two cents anyway!

  2. Brian Balfour Reply

    1. I have no idea why. Does everyone forget that she was slutty whiny whore? Shes getting the press coverage almost equivalent to Princess Diana’s death.

    2. Good question. And one I don’t have any great insight to. Only thing I can offer is that sometimes controversial is better. It was obvious that she would throw anything out there just to get people to talk, even if it was that she was a “slutty whiny whore”

  3. Thomas Holmes Reply

    I’ll have to be honest – I have no idea who she is. I think I may have heard her name before. I certainly didn’t hear she died.

    I guess I’ll go back under my rock now. 🙂

  4. sri Reply

    Dont blame the media. Media would do anything that makes money.
    Only in America can you be a whore and still makes tons of money.
    Whores in my country are subject to humilation and danger.

    What did Anna Nicole’s right toe say to her left toe after she died? Finally we meet.

  5. Jason H. Reply

    OMG, Anna Nicole is so yesterday; it’s all about the hairless Britney Spears now…

    Here is a better question- who’s more famous-Anna Nicole or Paris Hilton?

  6. Jason H. Reply

    I think the reason that the Media is so fascinated by the death of Anna Nicole is because it’s not often that you have 3 Male gold diggers going after a lady’s money; it’s usually the other way around. It’s kinda Refreshing!

    And, the best part is that one of the male gold diggers has the same name as the King of All Media, Howard Stern.

    Noah, I wonder which version of Simple Life you were watching at 3am? I hope it’s not the one shot in night vision camera 🙂

  7. Mike W Reply

    Say what you want about Anna Nicole, but she did have a certain allure…that being the magical combination of spectacular looks and a complete lack of a brain. While almost no guy in the world will cop to admitting to this, Anna Nicole was one woman that just about every guy could imagine himself scoring off of if he got her in the right situation.

    Look at it from this scenario: You go on a cruise, and yourself and (insert name of famous actress here) wind up mired alone on a desert island. If you’re the average ectomorphic 5′ 8″ male, how long will it be before you wind up knowing-her-in-the-Biblical-se nse?

    Angelina Joliet: 2-3 years
    Nicole Kidman: 2-3 years
    Jennifer Anniston: 6 mos-1 year
    Lindsay Lohan: 3-6 mos
    Paris Hilton : 1-3 mos

    (drum roll….)

    Anna Nicole Smith? No more than 72 hours.

    Most guys can’t imagine themselves getting lucky in the back seat of a Chevy Monte Carlo with any actress. Sure, we can fantasize, but at one point or another, a little fairy named reality taps up on our shoulders and tells us that regardless of the circumstances, there’s no way that this would ever pan out.

    Not so with Anna Nicole. Every carpenter from Reno, truck driver from Detroit, Cowhand from El Paso, or Computer Repairman from Noe Valley could see himself in the right place at right time and envisioning that big dumb blonde melting into our arms as we poured on the charm. You can honestly picture her interested in your ideas, laughing at your jokes, and staring at her rapt with those huge (er…) eyes. The fantasy is something like that of a Ron Jeremy movie reversed, with Anna Nicole was the chick, and YOU as the guy.

    That’s why. As the news passed, mediocre men worldwide fire up their browsers and read the news with disdain. They weren’t watching a completely unattainable silhouette of a woman pass into the beyond with callous abandon…no. They’re looking at those web pages with slight shock and disappointment, secretly thinking that a minuscule chance at a sexual fantasy of unbridled proportions has suddenly been cut short.