Free Business Ideas: Fries Station

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This free idea was submitted by our very own ethical and angry commenter Sri.

What is the best part of McDonald’s?

Answer: The Fries


Wouldn’t it be great if Mcdonalds opened up a very small 100 SF feet sized store that sold only fries…thats it!! (half the size of Auntie Anne’s)

Fries Station by Mcdonalds!

Imagine the locations they could open up….inside corporations, railway stations, Schools?, universities….anywhere…Inside movie theaters……endless…since the square footage is only 100 SF.

All they did was sell fries only!!

Small: $1, Medium: $1.49, Large :$1.99
Family Size: $2.99, Jumbo Family: $3.99

Or perhaps, a person could start a new franchise….Fries Station!!

As always, if you do this idea please buy Sri and myself a burrito. What do you think of the idea?

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23 responses to “Free Business Ideas: Fries Station

  1. sri Reply

    I went to Mcdonald’s website to submit this idea to them but there was a statement there which went something like this:

    “Because we recieve so many ideas from our customers, we have decided not to receive them any longer..”

    Not the exact wording but something like that. Basically they told me to fuck off with my idea. Then I decided to take my idea to the next best person, Mr. Kagan.

  2. Tyler Reply

    Yo Noah,
    Check out the Franchise called New York Fries. I’m not sure if it exists in the USA, but the franchise is a stalwart in Canadian Malls.

  3. sri Reply

    Don & Eric,

    Err…its not like Asia doesnt have Mcdonalds on every street as well….Tokyo has tons im sure. It’s all about the choices we make.

  4. sri Reply


    Fries and drinks have the highest profit margins!! HUGE!! Thats why they always try to push fries and drinks.

    My guess is for every $1 fries the cost is only 10 cents. (its potatoes!!)
    A $8 cylinder of Coke can make around $100 worth of soda.

  5. Chris Bennett Reply

    McDonald’s has had a french fry station in Frontierland at Disneyland in Anaheim for some time now. Note that the prices there are more expensive than the regular stores ($2.39 for a regular size!), and they also only sell _only_ soft drinks and fries. Word is that Disney didn’t want to let McDonald’s sell anything else, for fear of competition with their overpriced food.

    On the upside, it is very successful and I’ve always seen a long line of people in front – so it _is_ a good idea.

    Frontierland McDonald’s Fries

  6. Jason H Reply

    In nâ€? Out fries for me too 🙂 Although, Jack in the Box fries is pretty good too.

    Brian, Fries with Mayo— Hmmm,I wonder what’s the heart disease rate for the Dutch?

  7. Noah N. Glass Reply

    I’m kind of embarrassed about this, but I like Burger King fries a whole lot. Not the old kind, but the new, double-fried variety. All sorts of transfatty goodness going on.

    Let’s be honest though: the best part of fries is the Heinz ketchup. You could put that stuff on Cold War era cardboard and I’d eat it with vigor.

    There’s a dive bar in New Haven, CT called RUDY’S that does “Belgian Frites” with about 50 different sauces. Heinz ketchup remains the best by far. Mmmm…tomato paste and corn syrup.

  8. Piaras M Reply

    Hold the Ketchup an Mayo a second!

    What is the second most popular thing to have at the Golden Arches?
    For me anyway, it has to be the Sundaes, I love those things.

    Anyway, how about combining those two staples into one hell of a snack experience?

    They could name it something like this;

    McDonalds Frie-days & Sundaes.

    Combining the two is also a great way to cover most of your major food groups which everyone knows is a healthy option.

  9. Piaras M Reply

    Or, should that be;

    McDonalds Fry-days and Sundaes? Either way, I hope the play on words was not “Lost in Translation”