The New Okdork

February 13, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

I will write a huge post about the conference but for now I wanted your feedback on the new page design. If you are an RSS Subscriber come to the site and check it out. There are still some bugs but overall I am pleased. My 3 goals were:

  1. Encourage more comments
  2. Create a sexy and unique page experience
  3. Have a faster page load

What do you think?

Mad props to Bleikamp and Jennings on design.

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37 responses to “The New Okdork

  1. Nii A. Reply

    Whoa, I took a double take at the URL i typed in when I landed. The green roadblock between the most recent post and the older posts will take some time to get used to but overall, I like it… it feels cleaner, fresher.

  2. hollyster Reply

    ha! I was going to drop you an email to say i really like the header area. I like those random phrases when you click on “okdork”. Perhaps if you want more comments,you should toss in the cycle some of the latest comments or latest posts.

  3. Sean Tierney Reply

    diggin the new look Noah- agreed w/ the person who said have the last comment appear under the post in the homepage as a teaser and keep the comment number big like it is now. love the honest and self-deprecating style – makes everyone comfortable and want to come back. You need to incorporate burrito iconography into the site somehow though – that’s really the only thing that’s conspicuously missing.


  4. engtech Reply

    I like how clean everything looks. But I think there’s “too much going on” overall.

    I have a *BIG* problem with this as well. I’m always wanting to add more navigation features which make the design more complicated.


    “Leave a Reply” needs more margin-top.

    “What the hell is RSS” and “Subscribe to the RSS feed” on the main page both go to the feed directly.

    “Subscribe to the RSS feed directly via email” should be changed to “Read in email” or “Get email newsletter”, “Get updates via email”. People who read blogs via email don’t use RSS / know what it is. 🙂

    Underneath the green bar seems to be a mix of full posts / excerpts. Might look better as all excerpts and then have a page for full posts (that’s a personal preference I’ve been switching too lately).

    Funny, I did a “look at my new design” style post on my blog today as well.

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  5. Derek Reply

    Great new direction Noah. Props indeed to Ben and Jennings. A little padding / margin polish could still be elbowed in here and there but definitely *thumbs* up. But wait… Who’s that cheesy looking guy that you have pictured at the top right? Is that you? No way… Way to clean-cut :p

  6. Boris Reply

    I think there might be a little too much going on on the initial load. I see your main post with a white background, but then the brightly colorful stuff below grabs my attention a little too much. Also I feel that all of the different colored items are a bit disjointed, those below the main post and to the right. I think that today’s post should be emphasized with a colorful background and border, and the navigation and accessory info should be slightly deemphasized. Perhaps wrap your post in a little bubble like its comments, and have the bubble come out from your picture. Also, just for fun, you could add an input field for a picture for people who leave comments. plus, it might be cool to stagger the comments, perhaps have every other commenter on the opposite side of the comment bubble like this:

    -> ( Bubble )

    ( Bubble )

    -> ( Bubble ) …

  7. Kevin Henney Reply

    Looks great!

    As Nii said, the comments section still needs a little work. The “leave a reply” text isn’t under the comments in Firefox (it just needs a “clear:both” added to the style for #response).

    Long urls extend out of the comment box, a little “overflow:hidden” would probably be a quick fix, although I think there’s a wordpress plugin to truncate those properly.

    And of course the speech bubbles are messed up in IE (IE6 at least), but I’m sure you’re aware of that.

    One thing that bothers me a little about the front page is the use of dark gray (#333333) as the background color for the category tags. It really draws the eye to the tags, but they’re probably the least important piece of information. Maybe you should consider highlighting some other piece of info in that left column (comments?), perhaps with a shade of green to bring some of that color to the lower part of the page. Right now it’s pretty monochrome below the fold.

    I’m really reaching to give some constructive criticism – all in all it looks fantastic.

  8. AdamD Reply

    I dig it. I was going to mention that “what the hell is rss” goes to the feed, but engtech beat me to it.

    Will the most recent post be published in full on the home page? Will the ones below it be “continue reading” (as one of them is now?) I think that’s the way to do it.

  9. Scott Reply

    On the index page at the bottom where you display your old posts, you should widen the container for the posts that fall after the search / carnival of marketing / archives boxes. It’ll fill out the page more.

    In the words of Borat…

  10. Noah Kagan Reply

    Wow. A lot of feedback. I think some major things we are doing and going to do are:

    1- incorporate related posts again
    2- allow anyone to submit a funny comment for the top nav
    3- provide a way for people to submit posts that can be shown on the site. basically i am trying to figure the ultimate way to get your content shown on my site and at more places if it is good. this is in the works but something should be out eventually.
    4- we will fix the wrapping on the css comments
    5- i wanted a lot going on. i want people to get lost in the site. i might reduce based on testing.
    6- fixed text of box for what is rss and such
    7- fixed wording for email updates
    8- i like your bubble idea boris
    9- i do think the page / text is hard to read. will try to improve
    10- and more….

  11. Susan Jones Reply

    gee Mr. Dork, the only thing missing are wings.
    Really, the design, colors, font, the freshness…well, it reminds me of feminine hygiene products and I mean that in the nicest of ways.

  12. Susan Jones Reply

    “it feels cleaner, fresher…”
    “you should toss in the cycle….”
    “makes everyone comfortable and want to come back…”
    “A little padding….”
    “we will fix the wrapping….”
    “will take a week or so…”
    “I want to make out with you site design…..”

  13. sri Reply

    your submit ur own quote link was misleading…how was i supposed to know that it would try to open up my default email editor-Outlook? which kinda caused my computer to slow down…..!!!!

    when someone clicks on the link, open up a small 1 text box type form with a simple submit button.

  14. sri Reply

    better still, create a pop-up with the simple quote form. Or if you know how to do it, embed the tiny form there itself that appears only when people click + Submit your own quote.

    I saw the + symbol infront of the text submit your own quote and thought it was an expandable text.

  15. veronica Reply

    ooooo…fancy! i’m digging the new look. goal 2 def achieved!!!

    though, the new bar makes me feel like i’ve hit the footer. prob just need to get used to it.

    no favicon to go along with the redesign?????

  16. bjorn Reply

    i love the header with the self-serve quote-generating feature. gives readers the feeling of some ownership over your site they love to read. definiely helps to foster community feel of your site. neat touch.

    the whole site does look fresher although it takes time getting used to the layout below your “middle-bar” of “noah-licious, reviews and best-of…”. i guess you were trying to find a way to make these sections more obvious to non-page-scrollers instead of plonking them on a sidebar like so many other sites. The overall style leans more towards a news site now rather than a conventional blog. Whatever it is, your content still rocks! =D

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    The site looks great and I check in daily for my dose. Keep up the great work!!