Friday Funny: What's Wrong with this Photo?

January 19, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

Sri sent me a link to Bigdog’s Blog, the CEO of Trade King talks about financial stuff there. He pointed out something funny about the picture of the CEO.

What is wrong with this photo?

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22 responses to “Friday Funny: What's Wrong with this Photo?

  1. Huzaifa Reply

    His hands are missing. They seem to have dissapeared beneath the surface.

    And the water is rippling behind him, but not in front of him.

    And….wait a minute….are there bubbles coming out right behind him ??!!!

  2. Alaska Miller Reply

    I guess not that many finance major read your blog.

    In trading, a floater is someone who has debt whose short term interest rates is dictated by the market. In good markets it’s bad because as the rates go up the debtor pays more. In bad markets it’s great because then debtors pay less.

    I personally find it hilarious that as a trader, he’s portrayed floating in a pool of water (capital) and signifying that he’s the master of floating his fund.

    That and plus maybe the jesus walking on water thing. Or maybe you’re trying to play in some sort of kiting/floating metaphor in here…

  3. Noah Kagan Reply


    You are nearly correct. I guess I thought it was funny that the CEO was underwater.

    In finance when a stock/option is underwater then it is below the value you got it at. So from a marketing perspective it seemed strange that he would represent the company as “underwater.”

    Make sense?

  4. Alaska Miller Reply


    It’s hard to pin it down. I saw it more as he was floating since he isn’t actually submerged. But yeah I think the gist of why it’s a wrong picture is there.

    Maybe they think they’re just being snarky by running the picture. Those silly photographers and their silly creative ideas.

  5. Brian Berliner Reply

    It’s all about the CEO.

    1) By positioning his upper body above the water, he indicates that he is not “wet behind the ears”.

    2) By positioning his lower body under the water, he indicates that he is a busy man who cannot take the time out to go to the restroom to urinate.

    3) By placing his hands in his pockets, he indicates that his brain has evolved to include telekinetic powers, rendering his arms and hands useless and weak.

    4) The lack of shoes indicates that he is of sufficient stature that he has no need for a heel to artificially raise his appearance as the dominant person in the company. He’s confident and secure in himself.

    5) The hairdo (or hairpiece?) is decidedly non-mullet, indicating that he is all about “business in the front” but no “party in the back”.

    6) The lack of socks sends the subliminal message that he is also not wearing any underwear.

    7) The fact that he is standing indicates that he doesn’t know how to swim or tread water. Follow his trading methodologies and you don’t need to know how to swim or tread water either.


  6. Berry Reply

    I agree Alaska, the funny part is that the guy let the photographer talk him into wading into a pool in a suit. It’s like Revenge of the Photographer. Goes to show the camera wields great power!

    It’s also a good lesson of how easy it is to do something that gets construed the wrong way. Call in the PR Firefighters!

  7. Martin Reply

    Hmm… at that compression I cannot really pin it down, but something feels (pardon the expression) fishy. Maybe it is that the background reflects towards the camera, but not the subject. Maybe that the angle between upper and lower body don’t quite seem to match – but they are not off enough to be made by the different light-breaking qualities of water and air. Or is it that the point of view seem to be slightly different for the water surface and the upper body.
    And no, i have no ideas about the terminology of the financing world 😉
    Am just a cameradude.