How Does Noah Make Money?

January 17, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

I love the third person references as always;) I got a question from a reader about how I make my money. I never really talk about that but I figured why not share.

I left Facebook 6 months ago and I talk a lot about encouraging others to become an entrepreneur but I am not talking about the hardship or benefits. The question you are thinking now is?

How is Noah not on the streets?

The easiest answer is: I live with my parents.

Detailed Solution: I keep my expenses at a minimum. I have no rent, no car payments and my only expenses are: food, cell phone, gas and alcohol. And no, my mom stopped making me lunches and doing laundry when I left Intel.

Here are the ways I have made money over the past 6 months:

So the formula I live by to Make Money is:

Earning > Spending = Happiness

How do you make money?

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25 responses to “How Does Noah Make Money?

  1. Kevin Wu Reply

    How do I make money? Simple: I work for the man.

    What was it like at Facebook? Did you get to meet Zuckerberg? I heard he’s a little cocky and his business card says something like: I’m CEO, bitch!

  2. Daniel Elmore Reply

    I’m president of the local Walrus Association here in Texas. Our national foundation pays me a monthly stipend to appear at various charitable events (decked out in the walrus suit of course). The pay rate is pretty competitive when compared to related industries like the Lemur Awareness Society or the Mongoose Users Group. I just wish they would reimbursement me for the dry cleaning.

    No need to google that, it’s merely a dream. Someday. *sigh*

    Sorry, felt like being random today. I actually run a little software engineering shop.

  3. Jason Reply

    I teach film at the high school level which was much better than teaching history at the middle school level. I did that for five years.

    I would love to do something in the film industry, but I don’t think I have enough money to stop teaching and move to Cali.

  4. Wil Everts Reply

    Yeah, your life sounds kinda similar to mine! For the last fiscal quarter I’ve bummed places to stay with friends and family in Steamboat Springs (Ski Town USA), Phoenix, and San Francisco while attempting to get my crap together as a freelancer after the steady gig in Phoenix that pulled me from my design practice (mountainside in Steamboat with enough work to last the winter at that) went out of business…

    Yuck… Starting a design practice over the holidays after five months off is a real struggle, but if you avoid rent, have a paid off car, and managed to get your cell phone and insurance at the right time you can hopefully coast long enough without work to make life pretty enjoyable…

    I guess I should start getting serious about work but right now it’s kind-of like a permanant vacation and who wants to give that up!?!

  5. Berry Reply

    Well how you make money is a very personal question- normally people just don’t ask that.

    What IS the dream if you are just almost living it?

    I guess to see what I do you have to click on my name- that’s what I did for everyone above- people have some cool things they are doing.

    Never ask of money spent
    Where the spender thinks it went.
    Nobody was ever meant,
    To remember or invent
    What he did with every cent.
    – Robert Frost (a poet and an accountant)

  6. Sérgio Rebelo Reply

    I just don’t make money. I can pay my bills with the low salary I receive for my work for the international communications giant.

    I get some coffees payed by the profit of my own projects..

  7. Thomas Holmes Reply

    hey Noah,

    I want back to college a few years back. I adjusted back into having minimal amount of money. Got used to not spending money. Now I kinda find it difficult to spend at all. Other than food that is…

    These days I have my own business. Myself and my brother make money by selling our services – internet marketing. I have made money over the years from: web dev, teaching, affiliate sales, cleaning pots and pans and way way back delivering papers.

  8. Robert Franklin Reply


    $5.34 cents you are raking it in 🙂 I can take credit for around a buck of that as I purchased “Naked Conversations” via your site.

    It beats draining your IRA, which has been my technique lately.

  9. Peter Caputa Reply

    I was wondering how you made money too. I would have guessed 4 and 5. Multiple revenue streams is a good idea.

    Focus is a good idea too if you want to build something that is bigger than your brain’s hourly rate x hours/week.

  10. Ray Dotson Reply

    I make a living doing systems analysis and database programming at a local community college. I make a little more by teaching writing classes at the same college at night. Of course, I’m making some burrito money from my website and affiliate sales now, too…

  11. Wendyness Reply

    I make money the same way you do, only my mom still does my laundry.

    Seriously though, I often come upon opportunties with acquaintances who need a website or some sort of print material. If their business is something I frequent, we end up exchanging services. For example, my hairstylist and colorist both left their salons and got together to start a new one. I’m doing their web and print material and they’re going to do my hair free, forever. Pretty good exchange, considering the cost ($70 haircut, about once per month/month and a half. $90 color). I guess this is more of an example of how I don’t spend money, rather than make it though 🙂

  12. ANatividad Reply

    Well Noah, prostitution, mostly.


    I worked full-time as a marketing exec for a consuming dot-com for about 2 in a half years. These days freelance projects eat into that time. I provide marketing consultation and marketing critique, and write freelance for a couple of sites as well.

    It’s a big paycut and I’ll have to leave a home I am very used to living in. But the long-term opportunity, I think, outweighs the cons.

  13. Bjorn Reply

    reading this almost feels like reading my own life. yea, i stay with my parents (which is common in singapore), take public transport (again common) and get income from an online marketing consulting project with my college’s business school and get by as a guest columnist with an IT publication. once that columnist job kicks off next month, i can proudly say my blog brought me income cos thats how they found me! =D