UGT: Stripping Down in 2007

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I have a pennant from the USFL’s Michigan Panthers. I can’t remember how I got it, it holds no special memories, I’m not from Michigan, I don’t like panthers (pandas are cute, though), and I’ve never actually waved a pennant. Nevertheless, it’s just interesting enough to keep.

Until now.

2007 is the Year of the Essentials.
This year it’s laser-beam focus on very few, but very (to me) important things. I’m stripping down, and I invite you to join me.

That pennant is just one of the useless things to which I’m giving the heave-ho. Here’s a list of others that are getting 86’d this year:

Remnants of dead business ventures. I’ve tried a lot of different business ventures, especially online. A couple have done well enough to keep me successfully self-employed. The rest have been miserable failures or, worse, not particularly successful but earning just enough that they’re hard to kill off completely. This year anything that distracts my focus is gone, even if it costs me some money in the short term.

The lives of celebrities. This isn’t a major obsession, but whenever I find myself clicking on some headline that says “Paris Not Mad At Nicole Anymore,” I feel shame.
I don’t know these people, I think many of them are silly, and reading about their personal lives is a waste of my time. Unless they’ve got pictures of Britney Spears hopping out of a car with no panties on (like that’d happen!), I’m giving celebrities the boot.

People I don’t like
They’re not completely avoidable, but I’m going to do a better job of staying out of situations and events that put me in contact with them.

Digg/Reddit Always interesting, never necessary.

Old gifts My guilty conscience makes it very difficult to get rid of no-longer-used gifts, even if I’m sure the person who gave has forgotten the giving. This year, no mercy.

Boing Boing
There are other blogs that are a waste of my time, but Boing Boing is the worst. Just interesting enough to make me return, just boring enough to make me regret it. I don’t need twenty posts a day of antique Disneyland photos and avant-garde art. Truth is, I don’t need any.

Ten pounds I know, everyone’s doing it. But I really mean it.

How about you? What are you stripping off this year?

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8 responses to “UGT: Stripping Down in 2007

  1. Brian Balfour Reply

    Good post. I decided the same exact thing for 2007….focus.

    In the past I’ve always had too many ventures, and too little time to make one really successful. Not this year.

    One thing I did was strip down my feed reader. I cut its size to about a third of what it was (no worries noah, you’re still on there).

  2. Robert Franklin Reply

    Here is one thing I have promised to wean myself off: Being a Pavlov dog every time I hear the ding of my e-mail and dropping everything to open my mail.

    I came up with a simple solution that is working quite well, I set Outlook to poll every 1 1/2 hours. I have already become more focused, productive, and have far less drool stains on my shirts.

  3. Noah Kagan Reply


    That is a great idea. It is really hard for me not to. I reduced my ‘weekly feed reader’ to 30 to reduce significant time. I have my weekend 300 feed to read but during the week I need to improve on reading emails less…Good call.

  4. Kevin Wu Reply

    I dropped almost all of my TV shows this year except one. I was probably following close to five or six shows and I am hearing rave reviews for Heroes. I’m pretty proud of that. One thing I need to get rid of: snacking at the office. Every other day a co-worker brings in a stack of ass-inflating brownies because they over baked for their kid’s third grade classroom party. The moment that email gets sent out to the group (subject: brownies in the break room) I’m bolting from my desk like a rabid donkey. Good luck!

  5. Chris Keller Reply

    Hey Noah, instead of reading celebrity headlines and getting no value out of learning about Britney’s latest crotch blunder, create a league and make a game out of it! You can see if any of your readers want to play and then you can post a league widget on your blog to show who’s doing the best! At least then you get some entertainment/competition value for your random celebrity readings…