OkDork v7.0

January 6, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

It has been 7 years since I started this site and a lot has changed. This site initially was my diary, then business journal, then diary, then mail-order bride website and finally it is the business journal that you read today. I thought it was time for a change.

I have been working on a site redesign with the ultimate web designer, Bleikamp (yes, no last name).

I was going to make all the decisions about how the site should look but I realized you are the ones who have to look at my site and read it every day, so you can decide.

Here is what Bleikamp has done so far, please give suggestions on how you would like it?

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20 responses to “OkDork v7.0

  1. Noah Kagan Reply

    Just a note, I personally really dig this guys layout: http://www.turtleinteractive.com/

    Here are some things I would like to have in v7.

    1- A nice clean way to see all my book reviews
    2- Cleaner carnival of marketing
    3- a way for all my readers/friends to have content submitted anytime and be linked to from my site. someway to have the site be more interactive. not exactly sure how this would work

    I Would really appreciate your input and suggestions.

  2. Ben Reply

    Don’t you mean no first name, Noah? And Derek – there aren’t that many details yet. My design process lends itself to kind of wireframing / major design stuff in Photoshop and adding the smaller details as I think of them in the coding process.

  3. Dimitry Reply

    Very good so far!

    I love that way of organizing content (with date and other less important info on the left), thus this is how my blog has look through past couple of versions.

    I don’t like capitalized OKDORK at all though. Doesn’t look appealing or brandable. Everything else is fairly nice, I’d say. Maybe increase line-height on the actual text of the of the posts, may be a bit cramped.

    Gj so far, keep us updated. And yes, definitely need a change.

  4. Robert Franklin Reply

    Very clean design. Has a more professional look and feel than current blog. No doubt okdork is growing up!

    I would change picture of you. I have seen better ones, might help with the ladies in the bars πŸ™‚

    Seriously, not much to go on yet, what I see seems like it would be easy on the eyes and readable. Readability is always important to me in whether I will stick around on a blog and read the articles. My definition of readability is layout and typeography. However, at this point in time you donÒ€ℒt have to worry about me, I am sticking no matter what the design πŸ™‚

  5. Jason Reply

    Here are my suggestions:

    1. Your title needs to be bigger. OkDork is your brand name. Let people know it. you are trying to create a brand.
    2. Bigger Titles- I would increase the size of your titles for each entry. In this day and age you need to give people a quick overview to ge them to read it. That is the first thing they will read. If it does not grab their attention they will not read the rest.
    3. The Color Scheme- it seems too sci fi. I don’t like the lime green.
    4. Left Title Bar- you are wasting space. Why not put the comment and dates underneath your entries. You could fill the coloumns up with so much more, but won’t be able to.
    5. Whit Space- too much white space. I hate websites that try to use every inch of thescreen, but it almost is the opposite for the new design. You are not utilizing enough space. Increase font sizes and utilize your left and right columns.
    6. Find a Color Theme- your colors feel like they don’t match. Blue, green, grey and orange. Pick a theme and stay with it.

    These are just my thoughts. I wanted to be honest to help you out. Decent start, but it is a marketing site. Sell us! you have good stories and entries, but you need to sell the new readers.

  6. Angie Reply

    I like it. You should reorganize your right-column items in a more intuitive way. Like, I’ve never actually understood the carnival of marketing or tried to…

  7. Noah Kagan Reply

    Good point Angie. Here are my 3 objectives of a redesign:

    1- Make it easy to find popular articles
    2- Encourage more comments
    3- Get people to subscribe.

    I love everyones feedback and am using most of it with the redesign.

  8. Mehul Patel Reply

    Grt clean product here’s what’s missing :

    The new look is missing the noah elelment, I think its the dark grey color and basis green color….is there a possibility u can use a better brighter fresher color (something which looks Noah’s fresh n vibrant)

    OKDORK in CAPS looks bad for sure!

    Usabilty and flow is decent for sure , pls spend 30 seconds on TechCrunch and GigaOm freshness of Green on Tech n Blue on Giga is thru out it, I also love there Tagging cloud!

    Most Imp make sure you put your current pic (Jan 2007!) as you might be looking better now then ever (lot of times we land up using 1 corporate / salesman kinda pic, even I do that all the time, You are a Firetsrater not a salesman the pic is not telling that at all, if need be pls click 10 new shots!)

  9. joe Reply

    1. Noah – why is your tagline (still) “used to work at facebook”
    2. Tony – you find it plain in comparison to what, his current mind-blowing theme?
    3. Robert – a better photo would only help with the ladies at the computer, not ladies at the bars (unless he walks around with a photo on his face). noah just put up a photo of your ass. seriously.

    I like it though.

  10. Scott Reply

    Nice. Clean. Fresh. Spacious.

    Being critical. The dark band on the left looks great but it actually makes it harder to do the only thing I want to do on your site i.e. read the posts. High contrast colour blocks draw the eye, but my eye doesn’t want to be drawn there. So my question is, what’s the point of it? Why’s it dark? I feel you ought to have a better answer than it looing nice given that readability would be better if it was lower contrast.

    I’m ambivalent about breaking well-established conventions. Putting comment links etc to the left feels fresh, but if I keep looking for them below each post, it might begin to annoy me.

    Is this a fixed width design? Looks like a fixed width design at about what, 900 pixels? Which seems a good choice. Seems nuts to design at fixed width 800 pixels these days. Still a large amount of white space on the RHS at higher resolutions, but you’re only going to improve that with a fluid layout.