Noah's 2007 Somewhat Likely Predictions

December 28, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Mashable called me out so now I have to write something smart about what is going to happen next year.

1- Google will acquire more companies. I know you know but it is an easy one to say. Also, their stock price will come down so everyone who didn’t get a chance to buy it can finally feel smart.

2- Online Everything. Basically any service that you can do on your desktop will have been ported to the web.

3- YouTube everywhere. Larger companies are getting hip and will realize that people are spending way more time online and want to annoy them there.

4- The foam evaporates. How many bookmarking companies are there? Too many. How many video sites? Who knows. There are a lot of smaller competitors who will fold and the 2-3 people working there will move on to the next venture or go back to working full time at corporate America.

5- Mobile. Duh! We will get newer, smaller & faster phones. Overall, I see the everyone in America checking email, buying more things with there phone and having more offline mobile interaction with other people. For what this looks like, check out six sense.

6- Blogging. Many companies and individuals will realize that no one cares about them or what they have to say. There will be an anti-blogging day and people will go back to pen and paper=)

7- Second Life. People will realize they need to get a life and stop playing. The media will realize that a very small community has made some loud noises and stop reporting on them.

8- Diggtarded. The 500 17 year olds who control the site off there MAC laptops with tons of stickers will move on to another site. They will learn about women, start showering and spend less time digging.

9- Social Networks. The extreme growth will flatten out but people will grow on to new niche networks.

10- Tech Crunch and Mashable Unite. The two forces of technology reviews will unite in matrimony and a baby site will come out. The site will write about the daily lives of Michael Arrington and Pete Cashmore. It is called MashCrunch. Giga will be jealous and immediately starting dating Venturebeat to produce Gigabeating. Gabe from Techmeme will watch in amusement.

Have a great New Year! What do you think will happen next year?

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15 responses to “Noah's 2007 Somewhat Likely Predictions

  1. Robert Franklin Reply

    I predict that the Community Next conference will be a roaring success. I promise I was not paid to make this post 🙂 However, I was motivated by becoming one post closer to making it to the Okdork Top Commentators list 🙂

  2. rj Reply

    Got a good laugh out of this one!

    You think maybe in 2007 we’ll start to see ‘3.0’ added to the tagline of every new service?

  3. Jason H. Reply

    Here are my predictions:

    – Google will do a 4:1 stock split, and the stock price will go record high, and Larry and Sergery will be richer than Larry Ellison…

    – it’s gonna be a Vista year…

    – Facebook will go public, and very likely to have the $8 billion market cap. that Zach is hoping for… And, Steve and Chad of YouTube will be beating themselves up for selling their company way too soon…

    – Following Facebook IPO, Digg will be next…

    – Google or Yahoo will acquire Photobucket, Yelp, LinkedIn,, or NetVibes, etc…

    – Tesla will be everywhere in the Silicon Valley…

    – iPod Phone will be the must-have gadget/mobile phone of the Year…

    – the $100 laptop will be the best-selling computer in the world

    – CNet, Yahoo,or AOL will acquire TechCrunch or Giga???

    Happy New Year 🙂

  4. Mehul Patel Reply

    Fantastic stuff Noah 🙂

    Happy New Year to all of you and your loved ones, and may you achieve all your dreams in 2007 and God bless u forever 🙂

    I have a strong feeling abt tons of new applications and firms will be launched in the Mobile space, P2P for Mobile will be out (hopefully and it will work too!)

    Social networking, Blogging will all involved Mobile in someway, GSM will get bigger n bigger, 3 G Video Call will be launched in Singapore, London, Bombay…Japan already has it!

  5. mehrshad Reply

    re #1-5, 9,: word

    re #6: word the fuck up.

    re #7: SL is far from the mass appeal MSM is heaping on it. “open source” alternatives will begin to emerge.

    re #8: the digg “model” will become a commodity as more and more portals and content players wise up and try to contain and grow their base – if anything, federation and openID will take off. the “community” in its current form, aka circle jerk ne plus ultra, will begin to resemble ./ at its peak, i.e. pimple-faced virgins with macbooks being pushed out by middle-aged virgin sysops with ubuntu tattoos.

    digg should’ve taken the money from Y! long ago – an official delicious/digg would’ve made good business sense for both sides.

    re #10: rocketboom chick will go topless – “techcrunch who?” we’ll all mutter. ’nuff said.

    i’m betting on mobile/GPS/RFID convergence in 2007.

    whatever happens, peace in the new year, kid. -m

  6. Alexweiax Reply

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  7. Karen Hartline Reply

    Granted, it’s August already, but there’s still time…

    I predict Noah will meet his match–a sassy lady who can out-wit him at any given moment.

    I also predict that Brittney Spears will get pregnant…again, which will cause a burrito shortage in CA. May have to come East to find more…

    One last one, as I’m on a role. I predict that I will be blacklisted from the blog, which will result in my death. (Noah–you don’t want that on your hands, do you? Don’t do it, man!)

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