5 Tips for Geeks to get Laid

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Attractive women do fall for geeks. Heck, I am one of them. I mean, I am a geek. Really.

I hear this all the time from my fellow guy friends “I can never get that hot girl”, well guess what, you won’t if you don’t start changing the way you think and start making that girl notice you. I admit, I always had a thing for geeks, generally because, despite popular belief, they are actually quite romantic. I get really sad when nice guys start acting not so nice guy because they think they finish last. Wrong.

I know you are asking me already, so how can I get a hot girl and not ended up hearing her say “Well, I just see you as a friend.” If you are looking for an answer, I don’t have it. I only have the motivational power to tell you that you should not change who you are on the inside but you can play the game by slightly changing what you wear on the outside. So I am sharing this with Noah so he can share it with you. Call it geek dating advice. πŸ™‚

1) Don’t ask your other intellectual friends you play Counter Strike with if they think you look great in your tucked in striped shirt with checkered pants. Please. Ask your sister to go shopping with you or your friends who are girls to help you pick some nice gentleman clothing that looks handsome on you. Better yet pay someone to tell to buy and put on this jacket, pants and shoes.

2) Don’t wear jeans that are tight on you. Somewhat baggy is cool, but don’t let it hang off your ass. Jeans that are so tight that your balls can choke and your zipper keeps getting unzipped by itself.

3) Wear cologne. Your sister’s perfume doesn’t count. A little dab will do. The trick is to have her tell you “Wow you smell great, when you give her a hug” bonus point if she makes out with you but please if the guy next to you at the urinal can smell you, that’s too much.

4) A touch of geekiness is actually pretty cool.
A great shirt from Kid Robot paired with a pair of jeans is very very cool. But please refer to #3.

5) Stay away from the gel. Believe me she doesn’t want to feel how hard and stiff your hair is.

6) Join a new group. Do and try something new to meet new friends. Meet more people and increase the odds of getting laid.

Wow look at you now! Only 6 tips and you look and smell dashing already. Now that I am done writing this, let me get back to reading for my finals.

From Noah: Recently I read a great article by my buddy Karol who ALWAYS sucked picking up women. He took a course to improve, wrote about the experience, and shared some truly life changing tips that anyone can apply

You can read all about it here:Β http://karol.gajda.com/women/

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17 responses to “5 Tips for Geeks to get Laid

  1. Joe Suh Reply

    These were good points indeed.

    But if you made the same mistake I did and quickly skimmed this post thinking Noah wrote it, you would have had a confused look on your face πŸ™‚ I need to step away from the computer…

  2. Bernadette Reply

    Dave, you just gave me a great idea for another post about poems.

    And Berry, you can always get in touch with me through noah. I hate turning my email address in public, too many weirdos and spammers.

    Post coming up if Noah have room for me soon…

  3. Justin Reply

    Taking advice from women about women is seriously one of the worst things any guy can do. Every quality a woman will tell you that they like in a guy, is just a list of preferences they have. Nothing she listed will actually make her attracted to you. Of course putting on the best clothes that fit your style is always helpful, but it won’t get you laid.

    Attraction in women is an emotion, triggered by certain verbal/emotional responses. Not to cut down on Bernadette, but everything she just listed is a physical trait. Unlike men, women aren’t aroused by physical traits. That’s Justin’s 2 cents…

  4. Dave McClure Reply

    >>Unlike men, women arenÒ€ℒt aroused by physical traits.

    well sort of… women are certainly aroused somewhat by some physical traits such as height, and even more by the physical manifestation of other basic indicators of tribe influence & economic potential.

    expensive cars & a big house are certainly physical manifestations that likely elicit the same basic lustful responses in women that large breasts & a nice ass elicit in men.

    (and btw just to be clear i’m not generalizing / stereotyping — the basic responses in both genders are targeted at increasing the odds of offspring survival & well-being. albeit with optimizations for slightly different objectives)

  5. jared de angelo Reply

    The sad thing is when a person looks like a geek, its like a genetic disorder which makes you look like a total loser. And the sad thing is it cannot be changed. Even no matter how much you try not to look geekish, you still will look geekish. Before you even open your mouth, girls will already think you’re a geek because of the way your face is. That cannot be changed, but you can change her opinion on whether you are a geeK by not acting like a geek. It’ll be much better if she says you look like a geek but dont act like one even though thast bad enough that she thinks you look like a geek. In the same way, if u look average, you jus look average. Having the best haristyle suitable for you and wearing cool clothers can enhance your total look, but you may not look handsome still. SO its best for the girl to like you for your character. DONT BE AN IDIOT AND BE YOURSELF,cause sometime being yourself aint enough.

  6. shawny boy Reply

    allright that dude that left the comment before me jarad de angelo…..ummmmmm you are wrong, see you have to have confidence in yourself chicks dig confidence, second of all if u look like a geek that can be change have you ever heard of proactiv or contacts, and plus you just have to find the hair style that suits you. o and yeah you should be yourself because if a girl does’nt like u for who you really are then FUCK her, and one last thing girls really dont judge you that fast if you have something smart to say and not corny than maybe you’ll get that first dance or what ever it is you desire