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I know most of us are getting pain in the ear hearing the term 2.0 but I am talking about Life 2.0 (life in the era of everything 2.0)

No matter what hype and craziness Web 2.0 had brought in from Digg to YouTube and from Xing (formerly know as to Linkedin

By the way Xing has almost proved that sensible and innovative Web 2.0 firms are here to stay by raising 35 Million Euros thru IPO route by getting listed on The Frankfurt Stock Exchange!

I don’t know about all of you but I met some really interesting people worldwide personally (1 to 1) while being active in Web 2.0 / Mobile 2.0 space.

Bill Liao and Lars of Xing (met in Hamburg, Palo Alto and Bombay)

Noah Kagan (I am sorry cant remember his companies name as he is much more famous then anything else!) (Met in San Carlos, San Francisco and at several more places saw Borat with him where I also met the author of the wonderful Hot selling book starfish and the spider Ori Brafman)

Noah Glass of GoMobo (met @ DFJ Schmoozefest event)

Abhinav Aggarwal of

Michael Rourke (Met in San Fran thru Noreen a friend on SmallWorld

Akhil Shahni of (met him in Bombay)

We ourselves launched our Mobile 2.0 firm Mozomo ( when it says WAP you are suppose to log on thru your cell phone!)

Besides this I met some really kool and intelligent people online (Virtually) from all over the globe

Life has become more focused and active then ever over a period of time I realized its better to network with 100 right people then with 5000 wrong ones!

There is clearly so much energy across Bay and in San Fran in the whole 2.0 movement its like the whole of California is coming back some say its bubble 2.0 I really don’t think so all great ideas in kool entrepreneur’s mind is taking a shape of start up, more and more people are giving away plum corporate jobs and living risky (pay you own bills) life!

Most of this bunch will launch there firm sooner or later (depends clearly on how much they work out and how less they drink!)

Please don’t be offended I am now much more bullish on Noah Kagan as he is running again I am sure Jennifer has a strong role to play in this one! (That reminds me I had to Thank Jennifer for inviting me to the wonderful Hip Hop show at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Fran, Kenichi was awesome

So as mentioned earlier some firms will do well, some will survive and make enough money to carry on and some will get HEAVILY funded but the bottom lime is clear there is more Entrepreneur spirit then ever and that itself is so damn exciting vibrant minds, fresh ideas and new ventures I find it super sexciting!

What is missing is VC 2.0 they are still following the old school of 5 year projection and extensive business plan most of the bright young minds.
I have met have brilliant ideas with a decent revenue model in place some of them are Die Hard passionate and positive so they will make it sooner or later. However, I seriously feed Intelligent Investors need to facilitate the semi confused and doubly charged entrepreneur and help them work on financial plans / Biz model and so on if you tell the guy who wrote the YouTube Application of uploading videos and then allowing you view a flash file on the fly to write a 5 year business plan he is already DEAD, History, finished!

Let people do what they are good at, and lets all of us do what we are good at lets not build another YouTube because it might make money but lets build it if we really have some different ideas and we believe it will change the world!

Like Guy Kawasaki mentions in all his Art of the Start presentations Make Meaning and money will follow we don’t need 10 startups selling dog or pet food online but we need 200 ideas like Fandango, YouTube, Flickr, DIGG in each vertical!

One of my personal Fav directory of all things 2.0 is

For all those who didn’t like this write up I owe you all a yummy burrito or a glass of wine at some sexy spot in San Fran on my next trip πŸ™‚

All those who liked it you must be as crazy as me πŸ™‚

Thank You,

Mehul Patel

Co Founder / Make Your Cell Phone Sexy @
Founder / www.KIPL.Net New Media Solutions

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24 responses to “Life 2.0

  1. Colin McDougall Reply

    Hey Mehul,

    I love Guy Kawasaki’s attitude towards start-ups.

    In a keynote address he delivered at a conference in Las Vegas last month I wholeheartedly agree with his philosophy.
    What he said was to the effect of “deliver perfect imperfection” and he went on to say “deliver crap and fix it later”.

    Now he did mention that “the crap you deliver” has to fill a need. But it is that attitude of get out there and do it that leads to success in todays world.

    Btw, great post!

  2. tejashree Reply

    Dear Mehul,
    U r cool and upbeat.I really think communication is the need for the day and interaction with people from different genres is essential ,which could result in someting different and may be change one’s perception.
    I may opt for 2.0 lemme think coz interaction and network is the need for the day and crossing boundaries n communicating with so many ppl is difficult but may now be possible.
    lotta love

  3. Karan Reply

    Good stuff and so true.
    Insted of spending time on the business plan and redrafting the same, the VC’s should help in funding and adding the assistance in putting a bplan to suit their requirements and leave the running of the business to the entrepreneurs.


  4. Harvinder Bindra Reply

    Dear Mehul,

    Since I liked the post I must be as crazy as you.(If not more!)

    Though networking is the answer its the quality & not the quantity which is important. at the end of the day r they ADDING VALUE????

    keep yr sense of humor & wit handy this is what will keep u gng.


  5. Sarah Temple Reply

    You’re 10 steps ahead of me and most people I’ve ever met. I applaud not only your forward thinking, but all the vision and determination behind it. Plus, the way you discuss the gap between the up-and-comers and the has-been companies cracks me up (“DEAD, history, finished!”) — I love it!

  6. Parie Markowitz Reply

    I love Mehul’s inspiring thoughts about Life 2.0. Nearly 10,000 miles apart (Singapore/NYC) , but when I chat with Mehul I feel like he might as well be in the next room.

    Keep up the positive energy, friend!


  7. Sandip Jariwala Reply


    Thanks for enlightening me on Web 2.0 and Life 2.0.
    I am astonished at how much energy you have but then that’s what the City By the Bay does to people!

    I can understand your frustration about VC 2.0 and similarily we in the hotel business hope to have TRAVEL 2.0 when there won’t be any vacant rooms until you drive beyond Santa Rosa to the north and Santa Cruz to the south!


  8. Mehul Patel Reply

    Dear Sarah, Parie, Noreen and Sandip thank you for your kind and positive words it means a lot and Dear Noah thanks a Million for letting me be a part of Tuesday UGC on okdork πŸ™‚

  9. Priya Reply

    Dear Mehul,
    It has been nice chatting with you recently. I like your post for its honesty and its can-do spirit. Much like the gold rush of the mid 1800s which drew people in droves to the West Coast, the new ‘fever’ is the latest killer app, where I agree with you we don’t need another YouTube, we need ANOTHER fresh innovative idea, that will hold the capture the imagination of people worldwide. And there are enough good ideas to fill an entire ocean, it is time that VCs realized this. Money too, there is plenty of, especially since money begets more money… Young people today need to seek new ideas like they were panning for gold in the Wild West. Here’s to the spirit of entrepreneurs like you.
    And yes, it is better to network with 100 significant people rather than 5000 insignificant ones! Networking really enables us to share ideas and bounce thoughts off one another.
    Cheers to the Mumbaikar spirit and the Cali attitude!!!

  10. Alok Mittal Reply


    Good post, and great to see the confidence and optimism that the new youth of India is reflecting. This is probably the most positive outcome of the growth rates we are seeing in the country.

    VCs are here — they love passion, and they love entrepreneurs who can identify need gaps and fill them. Like all entrepreneurs, they can only survive if they make good money for their investors. And lets remember, all of us feed on risk, but at the same time, look to understanding and minimizing it at all times.


  11. Elisha Flax Reply

    Hi Mehul,

    I found the paragraph about VCs being 5 years behind very interesting. I recently read an article in an Israeli magazine where they interviewed the CEO of SAP (I can’t remember his name but I think he is Israeli) where he warns the Israeli hi tech community that if they do not move aggressively into India and nurture the talent there then the Israeli hi tech is destined for oblivion. It has some analogy with your contention of the sleepy VCs. Any thoughts?


    (Have you tried the Laphroaig 30 years?!)

  12. Mehul Patel Reply

    Hi Elisha,

    Thanks for ur inputs let me first say yes I have had Laphroaig 30, GlenFiddich 30 and few others finally realized the finest are between 12 and 18 above that age all are just Price Tags and very mellow (read overly smooth products)

    I agree abt the knowledge sharing from Israeli Hi Tech firms I believe they are intalks with few Indian firms….India is doing a similar thing in China where institutes like NIIT from India are teaching young Chinese students fundamentals of software coding in English!