Marathon Monday: Noah's Running

December 11, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

A few people asked me about me running a marathon so I thought I would write about my status on Mondays.

A month ago I looked at what used to be my rock hard 6 pack and saw a rock flabby 8 roll. I also heard that many people my age (24) have quarter life crisis and want to do something big. So I jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for the Napa Valley Marathon.

Since the time I registered I have:

  • Setup a full training program with my girlfriend that has day-to-day activities
  • Changed my eating habits and now love burritos without guacamole
  • Don’t drink nearly as much beer. OMG. 100 calories a bottle;O
  • Use Running Ahead to track all my running

The one thing I realized is that setting a big goal really makes things easier. You can break it down to little bite size pieces, you have something to look forward to and it helps improve other aspects of your life. What more could you want.

Do you guys want to read about my updates?

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10 responses to “Marathon Monday: Noah's Running

  1. Colin McDougall Reply

    Hey Noah,

    Thanks for the inspiration! I discovered your blog yesterday and love your views on the world.

    Sounds like we have gone through a similar path:

    The ripped 6-pack abs to the 6-pack induced belly 🙂

    I remember at one point I would run 5 miles a day and could benchpress 415 lbs (one rep)

    Now, I run to the beer store and could likely bench press 100 lbs.

    OK, I’m inspired to get off my growing rear-end and get some exercise. Immediately after hitting the submit button here I think I will start with a power walk….
    I think I will start slow and work up to loftier goals such as marathons later 🙂

  2. j.d.a. Reply

    what type of running shoes do you have? I started training for a marathon last winter-spring then had a pretty bad ankle injury. It’s all about the shoes.

    I had my quarter life crisis at 20, I don’t think I’ll live past 80… maybe not past 35, could have been a mid-lifer.

  3. Colin McDougall Reply

    Hey Noah,

    Just wanted to say a big thanks publicly for your e-mails tonight!

    I have been inspired to get out and get active again!

    Heck, I even blew the dust of the Bowflex I bought as part of my New Year’s resolution 2 years ago.

    I know I need to do something to get myself back in shape and I know I can do it.

    In an email to Noah, I mentioned my former glory of benching 415 lbs as well as the ripped abs…

    I still have a six pack gut, but the wrong kind of 6 pack.

    Hmmm, I guess Heineken doesn’t help in slimming down. Too bad 🙂

    Thanks again!

  4. Noah Kagan Reply

    Colin you are awesome. I would go for Heineken light next time:)

    I have been trying to drink wine and less alcohol in general to save the calories. One run for an hour is about 750 calories or something small. A beer is 120, normally on a night I will have 4-5 which totally negates my run.

    Anyways, what is your goal… What are you working towards?

  5. Mike W Reply

    I went thorugh this mid-life crisis about 15 years ago! Here’s some stuff that took me awhile to learn…

    1.) Go heavy on the veggies and grains. They both combine with just a little leftover meat to make a great soup. Cook for yourself instead of eating out or grabbing pre-prepared foods.

    2.) Replace butter with olive oil.

    3.) Calories and carbs aren’t necessarily evil; grams of saturated fat are.

    4.) Remove trans-fat and hydrogenated oils from your diet altogether.

    5.) Think fiber.

    6.) If you do blow your eating regimen, don’t cheat in daily little bits and pieces. Pick one day of the week where you completely fall off the wagon. It satiates your cravings somewhat, and causes less fallout since the body can assimilate only so much fat in one day.

    Good luck. I started the battle-of-the-bulge around 1990, and although I’ve still got the upper hand over the enemy, the conflict still rages between the bottom of my rib cage and the top of my pelvis….

  6. Rishi Khaitan Reply

    If your local favorite taqueria offers it, get a whole wheat tortilla. The white flour tortillas that a typical burrito uses has about 350 calories of refined (BAD) carbs and about 10g of fat. The unrefined carbs in the whole wheat tortilla are much more nutritious for you and it will have less fat also. If the thought of a whole wheat tortilla sounds gross, it really isn’t at all . After a couple times ordering it, you won’t even notice the difference.

  7. Roger von Oech Reply

    Good for you Noah! You’re never too young to make fitness a lifelong concern.

    If you ever want to do some cross-training, you’re welcome to swim with me as my guest at Stanford Masters Swimming — that’s pretty close to you. (There are a lot of triathletes there as well.)

    Do you have a goal time?

    Happy training!