Who do you Trust?

December 7, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I have been thinking about trust and credibility lately and wondered how much image impacts that. Let’s play a game.

Rank who you trust most in comments and why….

Second part of the post comes tomorrow.

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9 responses to “Who do you Trust?

  1. Berry Reply

    I trust the guy at the top. He has a name badge on, is selling a product that probably does not cost much (as price increases so does my trust threshold- and since I am just going to be walking by then this guy does not have enough time to earn more trust.)

    Finally, he is selling a paper that he may know something about– Street Wise… of course you have to use stereotypes here to make some calls.

    I also think he just looks friendly.

  2. j.d.a. Reply

    1 – Guy up top. Innocent looking. Employed, so someone trusts him. Badge adds credibility.
    2 – Girls. Outdoor Car wash often equals charity.
    3 – Headphones Guy – Kind of looks stoned.
    4 – Looks angry. Looks a little like George Bush. Just not trustworthy.

  3. a.h.r. Reply

    1. I trust the guy with the headphones the most… he just looks honest and friendly.
    2. Second would be the guy at the top, the badge does do a lot (identification) to create trust.
    3. The bikini girls are certainly selling something, and I don’t believe it’s a carwash…
    4. The ad guy… well, the language, color in the ad and the fact that he just looks nasty and mean really tends toward distrust.

  4. Trustworthy? Reply

    I have been an avid reader of this blog, and seeing how this blog (and Noah) has had many interesting topics (i.e. Prolution, Trust, Life etc), this one blog entry that made me really think about my life, my choices, and where it has gotten me to where I am today.

    I have realized I am not a trustworthy person. I need to be honest with myself and those around me to become a better person and to live a genuinely happy life. Take this as my confessional…

    – I have cheated on my wife of 3 years.
    – I make her believe I want to be with her, then when I get what I want or where I need to be (not lonely), I fuck up, and the cheating begins all over again.
    – We have been separated while married, and I tell her I am in this marriage just to be with her, but fantasize everyday of meeting new women. There have been times I have actually met up with some women. I still contact some of my mistress’s daily, monthly, or at my lonely leisure.
    – This cheating has made me lose focus on my passions in my occupation. It has made me look at my job as the perfect outlet to cheat again, as every opportunity presents itself with beautiful women everyday.
    – The act has made me lose touch with my family, my friends, and peers around me. I look at them as easy targets to get what I want and get out of there without being noticed.
    – Is everything with me temporary? Or am I just in a phase of my life ruled by all the dis-trusting things I have ever done coming back to haunt me?

    I know this is long, but I wanted to tell my story, because I know that there are others out there with similar situations like mine. I have harnessed my situation by its breath and set action to resolve this degrading situation via Prolution (another GREAT concept that Noah has inspired me to utilize).

    My Prolution is to become a trustworthy person to those I really need to be there for, my wife, my family, and my dear friends. I have confidence in myself that now I am partly free and have recognized that I do have a problem; I am hoping to be a new person in 2007!

    Wish me luck on this self-fulfilling adventure…

  5. Colin McDougall Reply

    I trust the guy with the headphones most.


    It’s his eyes. When looking for trustworthiness, I always look at the eyes.

    Although, I also take into account voice tone when initially determining how much to trust somebody.