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You may not get that impression watching the local news or visiting a nearby Wal-Mart, but smart successful people (like OKdork readers) care about more than just washing their trucks and instant lottery tickets.

Now businesses care.

  • Fashion cares because of LiveStrong.
  • Brands companies care because of (Product) RED.
  • And everyone cares because of Katrina.
  • I’m not even going to touch on business starting to care about the environment.

There is a new business model surfacing which understands that people not only want quality product at a reasonable price, they want their purchases to make the world a better place. Soon there will be companies like Giftback popping up in every industry. No marketing budget can compete with the trust that a charity or community can hold.

My contribution to this movement is the Fwingers Fundraiser.

The Fwingers Fundraiser is a national fundraiser working on local levels with under-funded deaf schools and non-profit organizations. Since launching on November 1st 2006, eighteen schools have begun participating in the fundraiser which has raised over $4000 for donation. For every Fwingers Key Chain purchased on the website, Fwingers’ creators donate $1 to a deaf school of the customer’s choice.


Our goal is to donate $1 Million in 2007.

So to answer you questions:

  • Yes, we have chosen to accomplish this goal in the extremely fast growing business of selling key chains online.
  • Yes, we are the first company that you have heard of starting a word of mouth campaign in the deaf community.
  • And yes, it will work because people care.

If you care, or you’re at least beginning to care after 291 words, please visit the Fwingers Fundraiser Site. The first ten people to post a picture signing their initial (or anything to do with sign language) on the community page will get a free Fwinger Key Chain. Be sure to email me with your name and address after you post.

Please more than anything else, tell someone that would be interested.

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2 responses to “People Care

  1. Squasher98 Reply

    Noah: Good post…I would say if you digg a little deeper, this is not so much companies’ really “caring” about social good, so much as the idea that they can build community around products/brands by leveraging feel-good social missions that people want to align themselves with…bottom line, more engaged and loyal customers = bigger dollars. But maybe that’s just the pessimist in me.